Your church youth group is an important part not only of your church, but of the community at large. Youth groups allow kids to have a social and activities outlet that channels their energies into a positive direction, and helps them uphold the standards of their faith.

If you are trying to come up with church youth group fundraising ideas, you may do well to take from the role that tradition plays in the lives of the youth group members. Although it is tempting to want to try a fundraiser that is new or innovative, that may not always be the smartest idea.

Tradition is important in Christian communities, and a lot of people take pride and comfort in the fact that traditions can be carried out year after year, with increasing success each time. You may already have some church fundraising ideas that you have done year after year, and if those are working well for you, then it's probably best just to stick with them.

There's no reason to change just for the sake of it if what you are already doing is bringing in the cash. The Girl Scouts are a perfect example of this -we expect cookies from them every year, and every year they deliver on that expectation. Everyone wins. So if you have a chocolate fundraiser that people have gotten used to, or any other kind of church youth group fundraising tradition you've built, be very careful before deciding to knock that down.

It's also good for kids to build foundations of certain things that they can count on, things in their lives that stick around and that give them happy memories every year. A fundraising tradition can be exactly that for them, so keep that in mind when selecting fundraisers - try choosing something that you think could have real longevity over the years.