Let's face it, there is really no end of school fundraisers out there. You can do anything from chocolate to flower bulbs to catalogues. But if you're looking for one of the most versatile school fundraisers, magazines can often be the best choice to cover all your bases. There are magazines to cater to every kind of lifestyle and personality, so you don't have to worry about having the wrong kind of product, and magazines never go out of style. Pretty much every home and office has at least one magazine subscription, which makes this a great idea as a school fundraiser.

One of the big benefits with doing magazines as school fundraisers is, magazine cover prices go up just about every year. With the Parade of Magazines fundraisers, magazines are offered at a fraction of the cover price, which is a great deal for everyone involved. Your supporters get a great deal, and you raise the money you need for your group. Also, magazines are one of the top school fundraisers because they are so easy to sell. No one needs an illustration of why they would want a magazine subscription, and with prices so low, the sales are likely to come about quickly and easily.

For school fundraisers, magazines work on a pretty simple concept. You simply call us up and get your free brochures and order forms, people choose the magazines they want from our selection of the 80 most popular titles, and you collect the money for whatever magazines they order. They receive a voucher for their magazines, which they can mail in at any time they wish. In fact, this is such a straightforward school fundraiser, magazines can be combined with other fundraiser opportunities, and this can really maximize profits. Try sending your magazines sales team out with some chocolate bars as well as the magazine brochures, and watch your school fundraiser profits soar.