When you first arrived at college, you probably anticipated all the fun you would have with your fraternity. You heard stories about how great it is, and you were looking forward to getting started.

What you were probably not prepared for, however, was all the money it takes to organize activities and events for an entire fraternity chapter. These things certainly don't pay for themselves, so if your chapter is finding itself in a financial bind, it's time to come up with some great fraternity fundraiser ideas to help you and your brothers do all the things you want to do.

One of the more popular fraternity fundraiser ideas is pizza fundraising cards. This is pretty much a no-brainer if you're going to be conducting your fundraising activities on campus. How many students do you know who wouldn't want a great deal on pizza? That's exactly what they get with our pizza card fundraiser - discounts on the number one meal for college students. Your local pizza restaurant will thank you for the extra business, and of course your chapter gets to keep the profits from the sale of the cards - up to 90% if you can get everyone motivated and sell enough cards.

If you want fraternity fundraiser ideas where you can offer products to your supporters directly, there's always chocolate bars. Sure, you've been doing that same chocolate fundraiser since elementary school, but you know why it's still around? Because it works! Chocolate is in no danger of becoming unpopular anytime soon, so a chocolate bar fundraiser is a pretty safe bet, especially among the student population. And with a chocolate bars, it's easy to find the opportunities for sales - just get your fundraising team to hang out on campus around lunchtime, and watch the sales roll in. It's one of the most solid fraternity fundraiser ideas out there.