If you have had even a brief look at all the different types of yearbook fundraising ideas out there, it must seem confusing, especially if you've never had to organize a fundraiser before. In order to simplify things, it's helpful to understand that product fundraisers can be broken down into two basic types, and understanding how each of these types works is the key to knowing what kind of yearbook fundraising ideas will work for your committee.

The students who work on the yearbook are highly organized and are able to think through situations clearly, so you should be able to choose any yearbook fundraiser that's appropriate and expect a decent result.

Direct sale yearbook fundraising ideas can be a great choice for all sorts of school groups. You can choose from any number of products, including discount fundraising cards, chocolate, or even pizza cards. Pizza cards work great on many levels, simply because pizza is so popular, and what you will be offering your supporters is a card where they can get a two-for-one discount at a local pizza restaurant. People don't easily turn down discounts on pizza, and with this being a direct sale yearbook fundraising idea, once you order your cards, you'll get to keep all the money that comes in.

Pre sale yearbook fundraising ideas might be a better choice for you if you're wary of putting up any money at the start of the fundraiser. For pre sale fundraising products, we send you brochures and order forms free of charge, and you can get started taking orders and collecting the money right away. Your product can be anything from cookie dough fundraisers to green products to pretzels - we have more brochures available than you can imagine.

Yearbook fundraising ideas are easy and fun to come up with when there are so many choices available.