Unique Fundraising Ideas - Are There Any?

We've helped with people fundraisers for more than 10 years now and it's truly amazing how many people start out their thought process so sure they need unique fundraising ideas if they are going to raise money. There will be none of those same old fundraisers for them.

I can hear them saying why would anyone want to do a cookie dough fundraiser?? Our response is always, why not?

The fact of the matter is that many of the most used fundraisers are used because they have been so successful. And we wonder why people so quickly dismiss repeating what works well in a search for something unique. Possibly a unique fundraising idea is unique because no one else feels as excited about it as you do. In other words the idea might sound good but few others have felt the same.

Of course that doesn't mean that pursuing unique fundraising ideas is a bad thing. There's certainly a great need for new products and fundraising ideas that groups can use to raise money with. Unfortunately, though, so many unique ideas fail. In fact there are very few days that go by that we are not contacted by a new company that has developed the newested and greatest unique fundraising product. Many are silly. Most don't seem practical.

We certainly don't want to imply that people not pursue interesting ways to raise money. Each group and each circumstance is different. The fact of the matter is that motivation and faith play a far greater role on results than an actual product. So if you really can't find a fundraiser that seems right we hope you do find something unique that perfectly fits your needs.