Are you looking for a University fundraising idea? You?ve come to the right place.

Any one you know enjoy eating pizza? We thought so! Would they enjoy free pizza? We know so! Free pizza would be the perfect university fundraiser. And there is not better free pizza fundraising program that our Dominos Free Pizza Fundraising Cards.

Here?s how they work:

The Dominos pizza cards offer the holder a free medium one topping pizza every time they purchase a large one topping pizza. The card can be used up to twenty times and is typically good for more than one full year. If you figure the cost of a medium one topping pizza at about ten bucks that means the card is worth $200 of free pizza.

The cards themselves sell for $10. If you are holding a college fundraiser, ten dollars is a critical price point. Most college students do not have an abundance of cash just sitting around. But most can come up with ten dollars if they know it will get them twenty free pizzas.

You sell the cards for $10 but they cost you $3 or less, depending on how many you purchase at one time. You can buy as few as 25 cards. If you just buy the minimum, you will spend $75 (25 cards times $3 each) and you will sell the cards for $250. That is a profit of $175.

If you can afford to buy 100 cards the cost of the cards goes down to $3 each. When you are done selling the cards you will have gotten your $300 back and raised $700 in profit. Not a bad college fundraiser!

The best news about Domino?s Pizza Fundraising Cards is the fact that they are accepted at more than 4,000 locations scattered around the United States. You need to check the list of participating stores on our website to make sure your local store participates before buying the cards. Then you can look at all the other locations where people you know live. If their stores participate you have another potential customer for your college fundraiser.

Domino?s Free Pizza Fundraising cards are the perfect university fundraiser!