A youth group fundraiser is obviously primarily a way to make sure that the kids have the funds they need to do the activities they want to do, but as you get the kids more personally involved in the process, other things start happening as well, and everyone who takes part will learn some valuable lessons.? Church youth groups represent the most energetic and enthusiastic members of the church, and this presents a tremendous advantage as you prepare them to go out and learn how the things they take part in get paid for.

The youngest members of your church's youth group may not be old enough to comprehend exactly what a youth group fundraiser is for, so this presents a perfect teaching opportunity, as they see how the money that comes in goes to benefit them directly.? It is important for children to understand that activities, supplies, and transportation don't just magically happen, and the more they can become aware of how their youth group fundraiser affects them, the easier future efforts will be.

The kids can learn a variety of important lessons from their youth group fundraising idea.? Teamwork is something they may have some experience with already, but probably mostly in the context of sports.? This will teach them a different kind of teamwork, the kind that will actually make a difference in their daily experiences.? They will also find out how the church is not only there for the community, but how the opposite is true, as well.? As they reach out for the help they need, they will learn the true lessons of what fundraising is all about.

The community itself may also have some surprises from your youth group fundraiser.? They will get to see, meet, and talk to the youngest and most vibrant members of your church, and this will show them exactly where the church is headed, and how important a Christian environment is for these impressionable young people.? People are keen to support anything that will help kids, and youth group fundraising is exactly the sort of thing that the community is likely to stand firmly in support of.