Card-based fundraisers can work well for all kinds of groups, but they seem to be particularly well suited for senior class fundraisers.

Your seniors need all the money they can get for all the activities and events that will occur in their final year of high school, and card fundraisers can be just the thing to get them to those goals. We have several card fundraisers to choose from; any one of them can be used for senior class fundraisers, and with the help of an enthusiastic and motivated fundraising team, you should be able to get good results with any of them.

Discount cards are a great way to give your supporters fantastic deals from their favorite retailers, while making money for the senior class. People love getting their cards, and this can be a great idea if you want to do the same senior class fundraisers year after year, as discount cards can become quite a tradition. The cards are easy to distribute, and are high on profits, so everyone wins.

Scratch cards are also good for card-based senior class fundraisers, but the concept is slightly different. Your supporters get a free sheet of valuable coupons, and in return they scratch two dots off of one of your scratch cards. Whatever amount they uncover is the amount they donate, though many people will show their generosity by donating a little more. Again, this is a great high-profit fundraiser, and the students can carry the cards around with them wherever they go.

Pizza fundraising cards work much like discount cards, but of course they're all about pizza. And everyone loves pizza. These cards are a perennial favorite, and if you want to try them for your senior class fundraisers, you can certainly have a great deal of success.

Have a look at all our card-based fundraisers, and choose the one you think works best for your group.