People to People is a fantastic cultural opportunity for student ambassadors to experience life like they have never known before, and might not get a chance to know otherwise. It's an opportunity you don't want them to miss, but of course it doesn't come for free. Most People to People student ambassadors will require some amount of fundraising for their trip expenses, and this means you'll want to get some fundraising ideas together in order to organize the support effort.

The first thing to do is to have a family meeting and talk about goals and financial targets. Exactly how much money does your People to People fundraising ideas need to earn you? What are the total costs for the trip, minus any savings you may already have yourself? If you can see in concrete terms what sort of goal you are looking at, this can make things a lot easier when you are trying to come up with appropriate fundraising ideas.

Secondly, you want to choose a People to People fundraising idea that will fit your group. If it is your extended family who will form the bulk of the sales team, then part of your family meeting should be to discuss what sorts of products you would be comfortable selling, and what everyone would have fun selling. We have all kinds of fundraising ideas appropriate for People to People trip funds. Whether you want to do a full-on catalogue fundraiser, or something more simple and to the point like scratch cards, it just doesn't matter - we can work with you to help you choose the fundraising idea that will really work for you.

The most important thing, of course, is to keep your enthusiasm levels high! Fundraising ideas may be necessary for the People to People trip to happen, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have fun while working toward this very worthwhile goal.