If your library's facilities are in need of refurbishment and you need some money from the public to help upgrade computers or buy new fixtures, these are things that can cost a lot, and that can be worrying. Libraries fundraising may require a bit more work than other fundraising efforts, and if it's you who is in charge of organizing and planning, you might be worried about everything you're up against, or worried that there's no point in trying to do this.

On the other hand, think of the things that your fundraiser can do for the library, and in turn how much better the library will be able to serve the community. Library fundraising is a great way to bring these valuable institutions into the 21st century, and to make the library something that is valid in a modern context.

The way that people read may be changing, but that doesn't mean that libraries are becoming obsolete. Your fundraising effort will help ensure that you bring your library up to date, and that's something to be incredibly excited about. Just think about all the ways you can make your library relevant to children and adults alike! The possibilities are endless. Attitudes are certainly contagious, so the more positive you can be about your libraries fundraising, the more successful you're likely to become.

The energy and positivity you carry with you is sure to rub off on other people, and after you get your entire fundraising team motivated, there's no goal that will be beyond your reach. Once you start to see the road you are heading down as an opportunity rather than a difficulty, you'll be racing toward success more than ever before. As with any sort of marketing or sales technique, this is not a linear journey - if you can keep your positive attitude toward libraries fundraising through the ups and the down, then in the end you will have more success than you could ever imagine.