PTA fundraising can be some of the most exciting fundraising out there, but it can also be some of the most frustrating.

With everyone in the PTA being so busy, it can be difficult to find volunteers to help out with the PTA fundraising effort. Of course, if you're getting the students involved, then it helps to have as many of the parents on your side as possible so that the fundraising effort stays on track and everyone is working toward the same goal.

PTA fundraising letters are a great way to get the message across of what your PTA fundraising is about, and the more you inform people, the more likely they are to cooperate. PTA fundraising letters don't have to be anything more than short notes explaining to parents the fundraising activities that will be going on with the students and the school.

Especially if the students are very young, the assistance of the parents is vital to the success of the fundraising effort. Letting parents know what is going on with PTA fundraising letters is not only a courtesy, it's essential to making sure the fundraising actually gets done.

So how should you distribute your PTA fundraising letters to the parents? Well, you have a couple of options. You can send your PTA fundraiser letters home with the kids. This method has its pros and cons.

For one thing, there's no postage to think about, so that helps save money. On the other hand... PTA fundraising letters that are send home with the kids have this mysterious way of getting lost or discarded on the way home. Many parents may never even receive your PTA fundraising letters.

Alternatively, you could choose to mail your PTA fundraising letters, and even though that may cost you postage, the returns of having a stronger fundraising effort could end up paying off in the long run.