If you have suddenly been thrust into the job of planning fundraisers for fraternities, you are probably curious about what kinds of fundraisers are available for your group or chapter. You will also want to learn, of course, which of those fundraisers will work best for the people you have as your sales team. The good thing is, there is no one right way to run a fundraiser, so your job is just to become familiar with which fundraisers accomplish which goals, and then you'll be on the road to success with your fraternity's fundraiser.

When you are organizing fundraisers for fraternities, there are three main things you need to look at. The first one is the size of your group. A smaller fraternity chapter my want to select the type of fundraiser where you can make a fairly high profit in a short amount of time. Scratch cards, for example, would be perfect in this case. Scratch cards are also very easy to carry around and distribute, and as well with it being a direct sale fundraiser, you can keep all the money after you've made the initial investment in the cards themselves. If your chapter has more members, you can opt for a fundraiser where there are slightly higher minimum requirements, and of course we have plenty of options there, too.

The next thing you need to look at is your monetary goal. If you only need a moderate amount of funds to meet your target, then you can do something simple like lollipops. Not only are they extremely inexpensive, but they practically sell themselves, and it is very simple to get organized and figure out exactly how much money you can expect to make from a fraternity fundraiser like that.

Lastly, there's your customer base. Where will most of your selling be done? On campus, or elsewhere? When you know whether you'll be selling to students versus your family and friends outside of school, this can really help you narrow down the types of fundraisers you look at when you're selecting one for your fraternity.