What better way to savor a moment than by taking a picture? Many organizations today, such as schools, churches and sports leagues are all trying to find ways to raise money. By doing a portrait fundraiser the organization has the ability to raise money as well as have a lasting memory.

Although selling fundraising candy and cookie dough fundraisers are always great ways to raise money, many organizations are looking for different and more exciting ways to do fundraising. Many photographers are thrilled with portrait fundraising for it increases the awareness of their photographic abilities.

Elementary schools and youth sports leagues might go for the vintage children portrait fundraiser where as churches might like to hold a family portrait fund raiser. In vintage children portrait fundraising the participants doing the fundraiser typically sell certificates for around $10 for a free 8x10 portrait and then on a designated date the families come in to their photo studio and redeem their certificate for a picture of their children in vintage clothing. The object of the picture is to make it look as if it was taken many years ago.

The organization typically gets to keep the full $10 from each certificate sold and the portrait company takes the pictures with hopes that the families will end up purchasing more of the pictures after seeing the results. The photographer for the antique children portrait fundraiser, at no charge, typically supplies all materials for the event.

The school, church or sports league would need to designate a couple leaders to head up the event to decide the dates at which the members will be selling the certificates so that they know when to turn everything in. They will also need to decide when and where the picture taking will be held, for if the fundraiser is very successful, getting all of the pictures taken could be an all day or multiple day event.

So again, not saying that candy and cookie dough are not good fundraisers by any means, if you are looking for a fundraiser that is different and will last, while raising money for a good cause, consider portrait fundraising. It could very well be the most exciting memorable fundraiser you have ever done.