Looking for a volleyball fundraiser? We have lots of volleyball fundraising ideas! Here are some of our best products for your team and some suggestions on how to make them work whether you are selling individually, as a team or even league wide.

Volleyball Fundraising Idea #1 - Domino's Pizza Fundraising Cards

This is the best volleyball fundraiser no matter how many people are selling. Why? Because the profits are extremely high and the cost to hold the fundraiser is very low. The program is simple. You are selling Buy One Get One Free Domino's Pizza cards good for a free medium one topping when you purchase a large one topping for $10 each. The card can be used up to 20 times. Your cost for the card is as little as $1 each. That means you can make 90% profit. The minimum order is only 25 cards and shipping is free. That's why we think this is the absolute best volleyball fund raiser.

Volleyball Fundraising Idea #2 - Volleyball Scratch Off Cards

If your team or group is looking to raise a lot of money, this might be your best option. Fundraising scratch cards are the perfect way to raise $100 per player. Players get potential sponsors to scratch off 2 of 50 concealed dots on the cards. It will reveal amounts between $.50 and $3.00. The sponsor is asked to donate that amount of money and, in return, they are given a sheet of valuable coupons as a thank you gift. The great thing about scratch card fundraising is that you have no product to deliver after the sale. You can carry the card in your pocket. And your group makes up to 90% profit!

Volleyball Fundraising Idea #3 - Premium Coffee for Volleyball Fundraising