Whether your child is part of a sports team, a church youth group, or even a daycare, chances are you're here because you're looking for some fundraising ideas to help your youth group. The good news is that fundraising ideas for youth are pretty much synonymous with fundraising ideas in general, as so many youth-related activities are under-funded and in need of extra support. This means that you will not have any problems finding fundraising ideas that will work for your group of youths.

Many of the most successful fundraising ideas for youth groups are some of the most tried and tested ones. Candy bars and catalogue fundraising may seem old and tired, but there's a reason so many youth-related groups are still using these fundraising ideas: because they work, and they work well. Even after all these years (don't you remember candy fundraising from back when you were a kid?), the traditional fundraising ideas are still some of the best ones where youth groups are involved. Schools, sports teams, and church groups alike do very well from these well-established fundraising ideas.

But that doesn't mean you can't opt for fundraising ideas that are more modern and daring. We have some fantastic fundraising ideas for youth, that you may have never heard of before. Scratch cards have become a very popular fundraising idea in recent years, and they work especially well for small groups, as the profit margins are exceptionally high. We also have a green fundraising idea, which is similar to other catalogue-based fundraising ideas, with the exception that all the items in the catalogue are good for the environment.

No matter what your financial goals or what size your group is, we have plenty of fundraising ideas that are appropriate for youths and high on profit. So have a browse through our youth fundraising ideas, and soon you'll be on your way to a successful fundraising effort.