Helping as many fundraising groups as we do, we are often asked the question ?What are some fundraisers for cancer research?? While that is a very broad question, there are some terrific programs that work very well as cancer fundraisers.

Maybe the most popular, easiest to do, and highest profit fund raiser for cancer research is our flower bulb fundraiser. People who are raising money for cancer research really like this program because it has a happy feel to it. Some other fundraisers that are done frequently can feel like work. However, everyone enjoys beautiful flowers and that makes this one a joy to participate in. It also offers a flat 50% profit no matter how many bulbs you sell which means you can raise a lot of money and your fundraiser can have a big impact.

Speaking of the uplifting nature of the flower bulb fundraiser brings up a good point; when you are fundraising for cancer, you want to pick fundraisers that make people feel good. Another of our programs that has the quality of making people feel good is the candle fundraiser. We sell only high quality candles that are made right here in America. Candles just make people feel good and are a great way to bring some literal light to a very sad subject.