If you are in charge of this year's high school fundraiser, your main concern is probably getting the most profit out of your sales. You want your fundraiser to be a sure-fire success, so what is the recipe for choosing a high school fundraising activity that will really boost your profits?

The truth is, there's no one right high school fundraising activity - in fact, just about any high school fundraiser can work for you if you take into account what sort of group you have and what your goal is for your high school fundraising activity. For example, if you have a small group, it doesn't make sense to choose an activity where the minimum order requirement is very high or where shipping costs will cut significantly into your profits. Likewise, if the kids will mostly be selling to their fellow students, flower bulbs or coffee might not be the best ideas for high school fundraising activities.

If you're looking for a direct sale product and the kids can sell the product on school grounds, candy bars can work really well as a high school fundraising activity in a setting like that. Lunch periods and after school are prime marketing times for chocolate, and your profits could go through the roof very quickly. If you were hoping to have something a bit more geared toward parents and families, maybe our green catalogue fundraiser would be more appropriate.

In other words, all it takes is a little common sense to choose the high school fundraising activity that will work the best for your group. We have all kinds of fundraising activities to suit all kinds of markets and groups, so you're sure to find quite a few activities that would be well suited for you. If you need some additional help making a final decision, your fundraising consultant can give you some pointers on tailoring your high school fundraising activity so that you can make the most of the time you have and the product you've chosen.