As a student looks ahead at the new band season, there are a few things that he or she knows are inevitable: we MUST practice hard, we MUST practice at often, and we MUST do a fundraiser. It practically goes without saying! Band fundraising is a MUST?and hopefully not a bust.

If you?re brand new at fundraising there are certain things that need to be considered. First you must pick the right band fundraiser. Maybe you and the other band members are in the market for something new. Perhaps you have a fundraiser that is tried and true, and you have been instructed to stick to the routine. Whatever the case may be, there are a few questions that must be taken into consideration.

While going over your fundraising options, ask the following questions of each program:

--What type of profit are we making?

--What is required of us? Is there a minimum order; a shipping fee?

--How many people will be participating?

--What materials will I need? How do I get them?

--What is our goal amount?

--When do we intend to do this fundraiser?

Once you?ve chosen something suitable for your group, then next step is getting materials together. In most cases you will be contacting a fundraising consultant. As you set up a fundraiser with them, make sure you have the following information:

--When do we start?

--What day will everyone turn in their orders?

--When do we turn in our final order?

--How long is the shipping process? When can I expect my products to be delivered?

--What types of payment methods are available?

If you are well informed, band fundraisers are not difficult to execute. After your questions are answered there is nothing left to do except the actual fundraiser. Let everyone know what is expected of them; what they need to do to contribute to the group. Remind them of important dates at any opportunity. Then relax?because your fundraiser is going to be a success?and next year - Having you in charge will also be a MUST.