Whether its marching band or concert season; middle school, high school, or college?whatever type of band ? fundraising is often necessary. You can only ask parents or Band Fans to fork over so much before there is nothing left to give. Band fundraising can be difficult at times, but it doesn?t have to be. Band fundraising can be easy!

Find a band fundraiser that suits your group. If the members of your band are diverse and often run in different circles outside of the band hall, then chances are good that you will have lots of opportunities to sell items before you start overlapping your customers. Choose a fundraiser that offers a wide variety of items, like the Elite Retreats frozen desserts program, or Gourmet Creations. If your band is around 75 people or more, you can also aim for the fundraisers with higher minimums, like the Auntie Anne?s Pretzel fundraisers.

Smaller groups can also benefit from a band fundraiser. When your group is less in numbers, but high in needs, find a fundraiser that offers high profits, like the scratch cards or pizza cards. You should also look for a fundraising program that has little to no minimums, like the Home Delivery Cookie Dough. It?s not the size of the group that matters it?s the size of the determination that counts!

When you find the right fundraiser for your band program contact your fundraising consultant to get the information you need. Ask lots of questions as you get the opportunity, and get all the important dates written down, as well as other vital information. There are lots of band fundraising ideas out there ? it?s just a matter of finding the right one for your group of musicians!