If things are getting to the point in your organization where you need to start thinking about a non profit fundraiser, you may be having a lot of stress about which non profit fundraiser you should choose. Obviously you want the non profit fundraiser that works the best, but how do you know which one that is? There is no right answer, but there is a formula that can help you figure things out.

First of all, be flexible. Don't go in thinking you have to do a certain fundraiser or that you can't change your mind a few times before you decide on one. Explore your options, discuss the possibilities of non profit fundraisers with your group, and try some different ideas on for size. If you have had specific non profit fundraisers that have worked for you in the past, you may want to try those again, or you may branch out into other areas.

You want to be sure that you choose a non profit fundraiser that is appropriate for the size of your group. An organization with just a few people on its fundraiser sales team will want to try a fundraiser with the highest profits possible, and fundraisers like scratch cards or pizza cards can be great for this. If you are concerned about what will happen if you don't make a certain amount of minimum orders, then of course you'll need to choose a non profit fundraiser with low minimums, and things like cookie dough can be a wonderful choice for you.

There's virtually no end to the choices out there for non profit fundraisers, so if you try an idea or two and those ideas don't work out right away, don't worry - just browse through our wide selection of non profit fundraisers and try again. Never lose sight of the fact that this is supposed to be fun! Remember that you are doing important work for your non profit organization, so relax and enjoy the process of getting there.