So when was the last time a cheerleader came up to you and cheerfully asked if you would help them out by buying some items to help with their cheerleader fundraiser?

If its happened any time recently I would wonder how many people said no.

That, in and of itself, is one of the reasons that cheer fundraisers work so well. It is not the fundraiser. It is the cheerleader.

Cheerleaders are by nature typically friendly, outgoing and cheerful. Those qualities translate very well when you transition to sales. That goes double when the cheerleaders believe in what they are doing.

Certainly cheerleading fundraisers are something that they can get their full focus on.

Many high school cheerleaders need to participate in fundraising. It is not an inexpensive venture. By the time they reach the high school level the people who make it have probably spent years developing their cheerleading skills.

The best fundraiser I have ever seen from a units sold per person perspective was a cheerleading from the northeast that sold more than 120 tubs each in a cookie dough fundraiser.

So, the bottom line is simply choose a fundraiser the cheer squad can support, challenge them to reach new heights and get out of the way.