Uniforms, cleaning bills, instrument repairs; sheet music, reeds, and valve oil?the list goes on and on. Having a band is practically synonymous with needing money. There is always something that needs to be bought or repaired, and music doesn?t come cheap. But it?s worth it, right? Hearing not only the music, but the teamwork and the effort that comes with each note that is played makes the time and energy worth doing. However, all that satisfaction does not make money appear ? that you still have to earn.

A band fundraiser is a necessary evil. While fundraisers are often avoided like the plague, they do not have to be stressful. Whether it is the sixth graders in Beginner?s Band or the seniors in the Wind Ensemble ? there is a fundraising program that can help your band make money without making everyone want to throw down their instruments and run away.

Scratch cards are a great band fundraiser. Whether your group is closer to an ensemble, or a marching musical army, you can benefit from scratch cards. The concept is simple. Each member of your group makes $100 when their card is complete, and there is no need to wait around for deliveries or distribution.

Selling calendars is also a wonderful band fundraising idea. The pre-sold calendars are very inexpensive, and make great gift items. Band is usually a fall activity, and selling calendars right before everyone gets into the swing of the holidays is a profitable idea. You can market the calendars as terrific stocking stuffers, or New Year?s gifts.

The most important thing to remember about a music fundraiser, though, is the motivation. Remind those selling, those buying, and those benefitting from the fundraiser of this constantly and you can expect a great result.