There are probably as many different types of fundraisers out there as there are groups who are trying to raise money. There is certainly no shortage of fundraisers to choose from, and with sure-fire winners like chocolate bars, you may wonder why anyone ever chooses anything else.

But honestly, chocolate is not always the best choice, especially considering how health-conscious people are these days, and how many parents are cutting down their children's intake of sugar. You might be much better off going with something that appeals to the more healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle, something that gives back to the planet and brings a little beauty into the world. And that's exactly where a flower bulb fundraiser comes in.

A flower bulb fundraiser is not the old-fashioned idea it once was, simply because so many people are using planting to help the earth and to get more in touch with an earth-friendly lifestyle. And these flowers are beautiful - with more than 24 varieties to choose from, there is sure to be something to please anyone.

Flower bulbs are also a great way for kids to learn about gardening, as the planting instructions are simple and straightforward. Parents can use this as a way to bond with children and show them the joy and beauty there is in growing things. A flower bulb fundraiser works for every budget, with bulbs ranging from $5.50 to $20. Your group keeps half the money, which is a great profit margin to help you reach your goals.

Flower bulbs work on a pre-sale basis, so you don't have to put any money down upfront, and if you sell at least 150 units in your flower bulb fundraiser, we'll throw in free delivery, as well! A flower bulb fundraiser is a great alternative to sugary snacks, and can help you get the things you need, too.