Thousands of people are affected by ovarian cancer every year, and the people whose lives have been affected by the disease number in the millions. It is therefore important that we do everything we can to find a cure for ovarian cancer, but of course a huge amount of money is needed for the required research. Ovarian cancer fundraisers are a great way to do your part to show that you care about the cause, and that you want to help in any way you can.

You've probably been thinking about what might be some good ovarian cancer fundraising ideas to try. A lot depends on the size of your fundraising team and how much money you'd like to make, but some fundraisers can work with any kind of group. If you have a large group with a lot of selling power, something like brochure-based ovarian cancer fundraisers can work really well. You'll want to check on the shipping fees and minimum order requirements to make sure that the brochure you have chosen will work well for you, though.

Smaller fundraising teams who are worried about profit levels can try straightforward direct sale ovarian cancer fundraisers like scratch cards. These ovarian cancer fundraisers are easy to implement, and can result in profits as high as 90% if your fundraising team can commit to a certain minimum of cards. And after your initial investment, all the income goes directly to the cause, which makes this a very popular choice for ovarian cancer fundraisers.

If you like the idea of fundraisers that have been proven to work, there's always chocolate! Our chocolate bar fundraisers are a perennial favorite, and chocolate is never in danger of going out of style. So no matter what kind of people you expect to be supporting you, you can count on chocolate being one of the most popular ovarian cancer fundraisers out there.