Over the past few years schools and districts have been placing more and more restrictions on catholic school fundraisers. Unfortunately with so many limitations, most schools are giving up on the opportunity to raise money effectively. But all is not lost. There are still lots of programs that will benefit schools with even the strictest conditions.

Most of the restrictions put on fundraising products are geared toward food items. In an effort to keep kids healthy the nutritional value of food products has to undergo quite a scrutiny. Is there anything out there besides candy and cookie dough that would be good for a catholic school fund raiser? Of course! The Journey to Faith candle fundraiser is a terrific way to get around school restrictions. It is very easy; it coincides with school values, and brings a great profit.

The process: Decide how many students will be participating in the fundraiser. Contact a fundraising consultant and request the proper amount of materials, which are then sent free of charge. Begin pre-selling the candles to family, friends, church-goers, people of the community and collect money as you sell. Once the fundraiser is over just tally up the order, turn it in a portion of the profits that were collected, and wait. Once the payment is received you just pass out the candles to each customer that helped by supporting your school, and begin spending the profits you earned.

The benefits: Your school or group makes 50% of every candle order, and the profits never leave you. Unlike other fundraisers you only send the amount of money to pay for the candle and you keep the rest. The products are also top-notch. Instead of selling just anything, your students will be selling a product that keeps with the values and principles of their school. The scripture verses on the candles will be a testament to the student and the school.

So the next time you run into a road block with catholic school fundraising, remember to suggest the Walk with Jesus candle fundraiser.