Lung Cancer is a disease that has touched millions of lives. Although we understand a lot more now about lung cancer and some of the factors that cause it, much more research needs to be done in order to work toward a cure.

Lung cancer fundraising is a fantastic way for you to get involved with this effort, as everything you can achieve with lung cancer fundraising will directly help those who are still struggling with this awful disease, and who desperately need the help of people like you who are willing to go that extra mile.

If you're organizing your cancer fundraising effort soon, you'll be looking for a good fundraising idea that is appropriate for your group. Much of what you need depends on your monetary goals and how many people you have working with you. A large group with a lot of selling power can go for a fundraising idea like a pretzel fundraiser, or any of the brochure-based lung cancer fundraising activities that require higher minimum orders.

A smaller fundraising team may want to try a direct sale fundraiser like fundraising discount cards. Not only do discount cards have some of the highest lung cancer fundraising profits around, all the money from your lung cancer fundraising activity can go directly to the charity after you have made the initial investment, and you don't have to worry about things like shipping and distribution issues.

If you are curious about which lung cancer fundraising ideas have been tried and tested, there are always the old classic fundraisers like chocolate fundraising candy bars. Chocolate bar fundraising is always a sure-fire winner, chocolate is always a favorite with kids and adults alike, and if you have a decent sized fundraising team that can go out and canvas the neighborhoods, the sky is pretty much the limit for how much you can make with a lung cancer fundraising like that.