Are you looking for a fundraising alternative to World's Finest Chocolate but still want to sell candy bars?

World's Finest is a specific name brand of candy. The company has been around for years and used to sell almost exclusively through a couple of specific distribution channels. Easy Fundraising Ideas does not now nor ever has sold the World's Finest Chocolate candy bars.

Instead we offer a wide selection of different candy fundraisers.

We offer both name brand candy bars that are well known and available both in grocery stores and vending machines and we offer fundraising specific candy bars that directly compete with World's Finest Chocolate.

Since we are not a distributor for World's Finest Chocolate we offer the Original One Dollar Candy Bar Fundraiser. This product has become one of our best chocolate candy bar fundraisers because it is readily available, you can purchase a single case at a time, shipping is free and customers have raved about its flavor for years.

Then there is the new Hershey fundraising candy. It can claim to be the worlds finest chocolate fundraising bar because of the high profits it offers. It sells for $2 per bar now but it offers outstanding profit percentages and is definitely well known.

If you are decided that you specifically want to sell only the World's Finest Chocolate product you can contact that company by calling 888 821-8452.