I noticed an advertisement for World's Finest Chocolate Fundraisers the other day in a national magazine. It was a very well done ad. The photos were professional and presentation was good.

But then I started to read the actual text and claims and I noticed an asterik next to the profits you will make with a World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser.

While the large headline says you will still make 50% profit the little asterik leads you to a disclaimer at the bottom of the page. When you read the fine print you find out that freight is not included in the profit percentage claimed. There is no detail about how much freight costs are. But the fact of the matter is that candy is heavy and freight costs can dramatically impact the profit you make on your candy fundraiser.

So I would like to suggest you consider what we believe is the best candy fundraising program available.

We offer candy bars called the Original One Dollar Candy. Here are some of the reasons we believe it is better than a World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser:

1. Shipping is FREE. There are no asteriks. There is no small type. Shipping is free. That means you actually make the profit percentage we tell you that you will make.

2. There is only a one case minimum order. The small minimum order means you can start small and purchase as little as one case at a time.

3. We ship your Original One Dollar Bars within 1 business day. That means you will get your candy very quickly.

4. We have personally tasted both products and we believe the Original One Dollar Bar is a better tasting product.

So, before you start a World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser, we would love to get you to try our candy fundraising products. Call us toll free 866 874.8383 any time for more details or to place your order.