World's Greatest Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Post Icon Posted on 11/04/2009 by Howard Gottlieb
Well I am not sure if this frozen cookie dough fundraiser qualifies as the world's best. But I have been involved with the fundraising industry for quite a while and have literally helped thousands of groups with cookie dough fundraising programs and this is the best end result I have ever seen.

I got a call from a lady who had volunteered to get the materials for 12 cheerleaders to start a cheerleading fundraiser. We get those calls all the time so I dutifully took down all the booking information and put her booking sheet in the stack of fundraisers to be pulled. We sent them their 12 brochures and all the promotional materials we normally send.

Their fundraiser was not due to start for a few weeks so I never really gave the group a second thought. In a typical fundraising season we literally help 2500 groups. So you can imagine that a 12-person fundraiser wouldn't really stick out anyway.

Well I happen to answer the phone a few weeks later and the volunteer was calling in her order. She started giving me her totals which actually did not seem too bad for a 12-person group.

It's been a long time but as I recall her she told me 48 on her first item. Then 40 or so on the second. She went down the list of flavors. When I added up the numbers it totaled somewhere around 210. I told her that 210 tubs was a great total for a group of 12.

I explained it was rare even for small groups to average more than 15 tubs per person. Then she said, wait a minute, those are cases. I think I might have had my feet on my desk cause they hit the floor. That meant that 12 cheerleaders sold 1,680 tubs of cookie dough.

We have had groups sell much more than that. But those were school wide fundraisers with hundreds of students selling. This group sold 1680 tubs and only had 12 sellers.

So I am not sure if they qualify for the world's best cookie dough fundraiser but it remains far and away the highest per person sale I have ever seen.

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