Writing an excellent church fund raising letter isn't rocket science, but there are certainly some thing you can do to make sure your church fundraising letter is the best it can be. When you're writing a fundraising letter, there's a balance you want to keep between bluntly asking for money, and dancing around the subject. Neither approach is likely to work very well, so you want to take some time to ensure that your church fund raising letter has the best of both worlds, and can appeal to the widest range of people.

Many people forget that the envelope is part of their church fund raising letter, too, and they neglect to put something enticing on the envelope that will get people to open it. You don't have to write anything complicated, just one phrase or sentence that will encourage people to open the envelope and read what's inside.

Your church fund raising letter should be as short as you can make it without sounding choppy. Get to the point as soon as you can, don't waffle on trying to avoid saying what it is you want. On the other hand, don't mention that you're asking for money in the first sentence of your church fund raising letter. Use some common sense; thank the parishioner for their time, attention, and most importantly their past support. Then talk about the reason for your church fund raising letter - because the church needs help for a specific project that the parishioners can support with a donation.

Including a postage-paid return envelope with your church fund raising letter may sound like you're giving even more money away, but it's the quickest way to get people to send donations. The less effort they have to put forth, the more likely they are to help you in response to your church fund raising letter, so show some respect for that. Make sure the only thing they have to do is put their check in the included envelope and mail it back to you.

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