Running a soccer fundraiser is getting harder each day. Fewer people are willing to support soccer teams financially because of economical hardships that they face at home. The key is getting them to realize that without their financial support on the hard days, the better days will never come for your soccer team.

But all is not lost. Hidden beneath all of the receipts and bills there is a still the desire to help. Despite how hard it may be people still understand that the economy is a rollercoaster ? what is hard one day, may not be so bad the next. More than that, they understand that value of being on a team, and being united for one cause. As you begin your soccer fundraising efforts this season, consider writing a newsletter to all those who will potentially support you, explaining your position.

Start your letter off with a list of highlights from the last season. Help them remember how fun it is to cheer from the stands and to watch the players give all they have to the game. Mention next, a list of objectives you hope to accomplish in the coming season. Let them know your team goals; give them a sense of involvement as they become accountability partners in your efforts.

Next, write to them about what it will take both through encouragement, dedication and finances, to accomplish those goals. Give them a run down of all that needs to be paid for ? uniforms, equipment, travel expenses, tournament fees. Finally, give them an option. Instead of asking for a straight donation, let them know they have the option of helping through fundraising when they purchase cookie dough, or candles, or coffee from the player of their choice.

To wrap everything up, remind them how grateful you are not just for their help with the soccer fund raiser, but for their moral support. Let them know that you understand what a sacrifice it has been and that it is not overlooked; and thank them for being a part of your team.