Your passion is stronger, and your dedication is endless, but your funds are limited. You have a worthy cause. You are not raising money for band uniforms, soccer equipment or the Boy Scout camping trip in the spring. You are working hard toward becoming a bigger, more complete family. Writing a letter to those you are asking to help will be to your benefit as you work toward fundraising for adoption.

Adoption letters read a little like Christmas-card updates in the beginning. Take the time to explain how things are going, what you are up to; programs you are involved in at church, how work is going, how your family is doing. There is no need to jump right into asking for money. It is important to let people in on the life that you currently have before asking for something.

Of course, part of "what you are up to" is the adoption process. After giving a quick update, explain that the biggest part of your life right now is the adoption fundraising that you are doing. Explain why you are considering adoption, and how you see it benefitting the life of your family.

Next, go into the efforts that you are taking through adoption fundraising. Mention any fundraisers you have done. Perhaps take time to explain the process of adoption for those who wonder what all the money is for, and where their donation will go. Make sure to point out the necessity of all of these costs ? and that there is no cost too great to keep you from your soon-to-be child.

Finally, let them know, ahead of time, that you appreciate anything they can do to contribute. Thank them for their donation, they prayers, or their thoughts.