Sometimes, if you only need a moderate amount of money, simple fundraisers like chocolate are enough for your church or Christian group to make the cash it needs. But if you are trying to raise money for something like building refurbishment, or perhaps a new building altogether, then you will need to find a way to come up with a significant amount of cash.

A Christian fundraising letter can be a great way to approach people who have already demonstrated a history of generosity, and if you take the time and care to construct your letter in the right way, it can really have results beyond what you might have imagined. A fundraising letter is a great idea for most significant fundraising efforts, but it also requires a lot of effort on your part. The phrasing in the letter, as well as the tone of it, is important.

You should never draft a letter and then send it out immediately - keep it, have others read it, and modify it as necessary. You may want to take things out, or add other things in. You want to show yourself and your group in the best light. You want to be polite and grateful without sounding desperate.

The best Christian fundraiser letters come across as humble, yet to the point. Make sure your letter gives all the information it needs to, but keep it as concise as you can. Rambling on for pages is not going to gain you any fans. Thank people for their past generosity, explain the purpose of the letter, and then appeal to them to help with the group's current project.

If you take the time to construct your Christian fundraising letter thoughtfully and send it to the right people, you may find that you reach your fundraising goals sooner than you thought you would.