If you are facing up to a large church fund raising effort, chances are you want to attack the issue from all sides. If you need a significant amount of money, say for a new building or refurbishment of a current one, then obviously it won't be enough just to sell a few chocolate bars and hope for the best.

While running supplementary fundraising efforts can certainly help, you will probably also want to make use of church fundraising letters, that can be sent out to your past supporters, and members of the business community that you know to be sympathetic to the needs of churches.

As with most fund raising efforts, how you go about writing church fund raising letters matters. It's not good enough just to through together a rough draft and send it out how it is. You want to think carefully about your letters, as phrasing and tone can make all the difference in how people perceive your church and its goals.

When beginning your church fund raising letters, it's always best to start with an attitude of gratitude. Thank the person or business for any support they have given in the past, as people like to know that their contributions are appreciated, and are more likely to give again if you acknowledge that appreciation.

After that, don't beat around the bush too much. People know what church fund raising letters are about, so don't insult their intelligence by talking around the issue. Get right to the point - your church is growing, it's trying to do its best to serve the community, but to do that it needs some financial help. Explain exactly what the funds raised will be spent on, and how that will help the church with its long-term goals.

Being concise and polite in your letters can make all the difference in how successful your fund raising effort is.