Prom may be just one night of the year, but it takes some serious money to turn it into something spectacular. Between decorations, food, music, and a place to actually have it there is a lot of planning that is involved. Your group can not always expect to raise all the money you need with one fundraiser. Certain fundraisers work better at different times of the year. Finding the right prom fundraising idea, and having it at the right time will make all the difference.

At the beginning of the school year the best fundraiser to try is one that nobody else is doing. Lots of groups in the school will start selling items to raise money for their various budgets. The scratch card fundraiser allows you to try a different approach. You can also sell candy or Jack Link?s beef jerky during school for a quick snack.

As you get closer to the holidays consider selling cookie dough as a prom fundraiser. Friends, relatives and neighbors can use the dough, or dessert items as Christmas gifts, or bake them for holiday parties. The important thing to remember with cookie dough is to check and double check your turn in dates. You want to make sure when you start the fundraiser that you will have plenty of time left before the holiday break to receive and distribute your items. Check with your fundraising consultant for specific turn in dates.

A great prom fundraiser to do after the holidays is the lollipops sale. You can sell generic lollipops, or even choose a theme, like heart and lip-shaped lollipops for Valentine?s Day. You can also sell flower bulbs or the Go Green products. Each of these fundraisers has environmentally-friendly products that are new and unique to most other fundraisers.

As a final attempt to make money for a prom fundraiser, try selling pizza cards or money savings cards. You can sell them during the lunch period or sell them through the student council. However you choose to market the cards, they are sure to help you raise that last bit of money you need for the perfect prom.