You Have Decided to Sell Fundraising Discount Cards

Post Icon Posted on 12/01/2010 by Howard Gottlieb

You're looking for high profits and have decided that fundraising discount cards are the fundraiser for you. Now you need to choose which discount card works best.

Choosing the right card can make all the difference in the world. Here are some things to think about when planning your discount card fundraiser:

One of the first questions or things to consider is whether you want to sign up your own merchants or if you prefer to have someone sign up the merchants for you. Some fundraising companies have contracts with different types of merchants. If you choose to have the company sign up your merchant you should make sure they have an actual written contract from the merchant of your choice.

It is preferable, in my opinion, to sign up your own merchant for a couple of reasons. The most obvious is that you know for certain that the merchant is willing to advertise on your card and you can get their signature on a contract yourself. When you sign up your own merchant or merchants you can choose whoever you want. You are not limited to only merchants that have agreements in place with the fundraising company.

Once you decide who will contact the merchant it is time to request a specific offer. We have seen many different offers over the years but we always suggest you request some sort of buy one get one free. If you want to sell a lot of cards you want the card to offer free food. A simply discount on a multiple merchant card works fine. But if you want to hold a pizza card fundraiser or sandwich shop fundraiser you are best off with buy one get one free offers.

Before purchasing your cards ask your supplier what material they print their cards on. In the past there were companies that printed on paper. Those cards were easily folded and bent and did not last long.

Preferably you want the fundraising discount cards printed on plastic. Our preference is either 15 mil or 30 mil plastic. Both are thick enough to be durable but thin enough to comfortably fit in a wallet. If given a choice 15 mil plastic is more flexible and offers plenty of durability.

Depending on the type of cards you should get your group name printed on the cards whenever possible. There are certain programs that offer less expensive cards that might not have your group name. These cards should not negatively impact sales.

Top Discount Card Fundraising Products

Pizza Fundraising Cards

Pizza fundraiser cards are our most popular fundraiser. You sell the Pizza Fundraising Cards for $10. The card entitles the holder to a free medium one topping pizza when they purchase a large one topping. The cards are good at thousands of locations including specific participating Papa Johns, Pizza Huts and more. Buy It Now

Sub Sandwich Fundraising Cards

Everyone loves to save money. That's why they search for subway sandwich coupons. These fundraising cards are like getting 20 subway subs coupons. You download the merchant agreement, take it to your local sandwich shop and we will print your fundraising cards with the store name and logo along with your group info.

Papa Johns Fundraising Pizza Discount Cards

How many people do you know that clip Papa Johns pizza coupons? Consider selling Papa Johns fundraiser cards then. The cards are custom designed for your group. Contact your local Papa Johns and negotiate a Buy One Get One Free pizza offer. The cards are easy to sell and offer great value.

Custom Discount Fundraising Cards

Raise money by creating your own discount card fundraiser. Sign up between 8 and 12 local merchants to advertise on the back of your fundraising discount cards. We will custom design the front for your group. These fundraiser discount cards make terrific annual fundraising tools.

Restaurant Fundraiser Cards

You sell $50 Restaurant . com Gift Cards good at more than 18,000 restaurants nationally for only $20 each. You make 50% profit. The minimum order is only 10 fundraising cards. This is a great fundraiser for any sized group anywhere in the USA.

Dinner and Movie Card

Our newest fundraising discount card - the Dinner and Movie Fundraising Card - offers discounts up to 50% at more than 100,000 different restaurants, theatres and movie rental stores for an entire year. Make 60% profit. Free shipping.

Fundraising Discount Cards

City Savings Cards are our top multi-merchant discount card fundraiser. You select merchants from a list of hundreds in your area. WE do the rest of the work, contacting each merchant to get them to offer discounts specifically for your discount card fundraiser! Each fundraising card will contain UNLIMITED USE discounts from at least 10 local merchants.

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