Your high school sports fundraiser is not just about the fundraiser itself, it's also about about all the planning and organizing leading up to the starting line, and of course all the organizational stuff that has to be done afterward, as well. Good, solid organization is the key to having your high school sports fundraising idea be as successful as it can be, so if you start now and get everything planned out, you'll be heading down the road to success in no time.

The first thing you'll want to do is identify your goals for your high school sports fundraiser and work out exactly what will be required to reach them. You will have to work with some numbers to figure some of these things out, but don't worry, because things will actually start to make sense once you begin doing this. Calculate the amount of money your your fundraiser needs to bring in, including anything and everything you can possibly think of, and then divide that by the number of people on your sales team, which may include you, the team players, staff members, or any supporting groups.

Once you have your goals clearly defined, you can start looking for a high school sports fundraiser that will work for you group. If you want a high school sports fundraiser that will turn a high profit in a short amount of time, you might want to go with a direct sale fundraiser - something like scratch cards makes for great high school fundraiser. If you can meet certain minimum order numbers that can help you avoid shipping charges, you can go with something like a pre-sell fundraiser.

After you have chosen a high school sports fundraiser idea, it's time to get started. Your high school sports fundraiser is important to the survival of the team, but it should also be enjoyable, so make sure the players have fun with it. All the hard work comes beforehand, and after that you can relax and enjoy the benefits of your high school sports fundraiser.