Here some suggestions for your next Tennis Fundraiser:

If you are part of a school tennis team and you hold tournaments you should set up tables at the tournament and hold a candy fundraiser. There are lots of different candy options to consider. The most common option is to sell candy bars but that is not the only type of candy available to sell. And, since tennis tournaments may be held when the weather is warmer than 80 degrees you should look at options other than chocolate since it might melt at those temperatures.

There are lots of other options though. A lollipop fundraiser is easy, priced right, very profitable and fundraising lollipops can be purchased by a case. With a one case minimum you can certainly try the lollipop sales and see how your supporters respond. There are many different shapes of lollipops too so you can change up the style based on the season.

Many tennis teams choose Pizza Card Fundraisers. These fundraising card are extremely profitable. You get a local pizzeria to promote their store on your card free of charge. Typically they will provide a buy one get one free offer that is good up to 20 times within a one year period. The card sells for $10 and can cost as little as $1. Your customer gets up to 20 free pizzas for the $10 purchase so you can see why these cards would be such good sellers.

There are many other tennis fundraising ideas available including many that require no upfront money. One of the best performing programs in this category is a Cookie Dough Fundraiser. As with all brochure fundraisers we provide you with free brochures and marketing materials so participants can go around and pre sell cookie dough. You collect your money as you presell. At the end of your sale you tally all of the orders together and place your group's complete order. You can use the money collected to pay for your order so there is really no need to lay out a penny to get started. There is no risk or obligation to get started so there's no reason every tennis team or organization can't try to raise the money they need.