If you want to make a lot of money for your school all in one day, school fundraiser events are the way to go. A school fundraiser event is a great opportunity to get all your supporters in one place at one time, and then of course you can benefit from their enthusiasm and generosity toward your cause. But of course there is not just one kind of school fundraiser event - a lot of schools like to explore their options and try different school fundraiser events every year, or spread out several events over the course of the school term.

A concert or talent show is a great way for the kids to show off their skills, and it's also a fantastic way to host a school fundraiser event. Parents and families will always show up in great numbers to see their kids perform, and while they're there, you'll have their full attention. Having food or at least snacks to sell is a great idea at school fundraiser events (see our chocolate fundraisers, for example), and you can also have things like scratch cards available before the event and during the intermission of your school fundraiser event.

A walk-a-thon is a fantastic idea not only as a school fundraiser event, but as a way to promote physical fitness. Walk-a-thons can get the wider community around the school involved in the fundraising effort. Not only will the walkers be able to solicit pledges and donations for their walking efforts, but you can make the most of the people who will be attending the school fundraiser event in a more supportive role. As people are waiting around for the walkers to return, they'll probably be hungry and thirsty, so it makes sense at your school fundraiser event to feed them while making money for the school.