If you are reading this, then there is without a doubt a whirlwind of activity either currently happening at your child?s school?or there?s about to be! When your next PTA fundraiser is staring you in the face, especially if you?re coordinating it, take a deep breath. It doesn?t have to be crazy, and with the right team, it won?t be bad at all!

The best way to avoid the potential stress is to gather a team of people together to help you with the fundraiser. Many people try to take on the task alone, but there is no need to be a hero ? everyone?s goal is the same, and in the end, the children will not remember whose mom helped the most.

Find the following people for your team, and you will be all set for a fantastic fundraiser:

The Enthusiast: This parent is the one who is equipped with a positive attitude and plenty of motivational speeches. Let this person introduce the PTA fundraising ideas in a pep-rally style ? getting students excited from the beginning while they explain how the fundraiser works.

The Organizer: This is the person who can type out a spread-sheet faster than they can recite their name?although that probably won?t be necessary. The primary job of this team member comes toward the end of the process. Let them help tally up orders, and ultimately help pass out orders once they are delivered. In case you are wondering what this person looks like?they are the one who looks most natural with a clipboard in hand!

The Money Collector: While a master?s degree in mathematics would be ideal, you may have to settle for someone with a calculator and a talent for hunting people down for money. This job should probably be a two-man post. Get a team of 2 to be in charge of the money. Having more than one brain counting and recounting the money will keep everyone honest, and be less stressful for just one person.

The Teacher Liaison: Because PTA members do not have direct contact with the majority of the children each day, it is important to get the teachers involved, and on the same page. Teachers are the best resource you have for sending home notes or flyers, telling about special announcements and due dates. Pick a person on your team to be in charge of getting all materials to teachers promptly, and keeping them informed.

And what do you do? You keep it all going. A PTA fundraiser should be a well-oiled machine?and it?s up to you to keep it moving. Good luck!