Kids love to get involved with team sports, which is great because we always try to encourage any activity that builds physical fitness and fosters a spirit of teamwork. But when your child comes home and says they've decided they want to play hockey... it can make your heart sink a little if you're on a budget.

As anyone with kids on a hockey team knows, this is not an inexpensive proposition. There are uniforms, skates, equipment, travel expenses, and every time you think you've paid everything, they come home with the news that there's something else they need.

It never seems to end, and that's why a lot of school hockey teams have started organizing youth hockey fundraisers to get some extra cash into the team's budget. A youth hockey fundraiser can be all sorts of things.

Perhaps you are just trying to raise some money for a single player, maybe for new skates. Perhaps the coach will try to get all the parents together on a group effort so that the team can have new equipment, or can raise the money to enter a tournament.

Whatever the case, be prepared to get involved, because a great deal of the success of a youth hockey fundraiser depends on the parents being able to get coordinated and work on the goal together. Having a meeting for your youth hockey fundraiser is a great idea. Get everyone together, including the coach, and discuss possibilities. Make sure that everyone understands how much money needs to be raised, and what the money will be used for. After that, you can look at some great hockey fundraisers to get some ideas flowing. Choose a fundraiser that matches your teams needs and what your customers are likely to respond well too. Getting the right youth hockey fundraising idea is one of the most important factors for reaching your goals.