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Band Fundraising

Are you a member of a marching band? Do you have a child who is? Then you know how expensive it can be playing in a band. Add travel costs incurred by many marching bands and you begin to realize that marching band fundraising is part of your future. But what are the best marching band fundraising ideas? We can help.

We are fortunate in that we help thousands of groups every year raise millions of dollars. Many of those groups are bands. In fact some of the largest fundraisers help each year are held by bands and marching bands. These kids are focused and they understand that they directly benefit from the money they raise.

On this page we provide a starting point to locate the best Marching Band fundraising idea for your group. You will see some of the ideas that others have raised money with. If none of those appeals to you we invite you to browse through our website and check out all of our Marching Band fundraising options.

We have attempted to include Marching Band fundraising ideas that do not require any upfront money, others than offer extremely high profits and still others that have very low minimums.

If you don’t find the perfect Marching Band fundraiser on this page then we invite you to continue to browse our website to look at other fundraising ideas or call one of our experienced sales specialists toll free and they can offer some other great insights for you.

Band Scratch Cards

Virtually every school band depends on band fundraising for its very existence. More and more bands are opting to use scratch cards for their band fundraiser. Part of the reason is the amount of money that bands need to raise. Scratch card fundraisers offer a simple, easy to handle fundraising option perfect for bands.

What You Should Know

As you can see from the profit chart below the lowest profit percentage you will make from using scratch cards for fundraisers is 70%. There are, however, price breaks that can increase your profit percentage. The more cards you purchase the higher your profit potential for each card. The profits and profit percentages show are based on successfully having all 50 dots scratched off on your scratch card:

Profit and Cost:

  • In Hand Products
  • Free Shipping
  • Start in under a minute
Cards BoughtCost Per CardEach Card RaisesYour Profit $Your Profit %
1 min.$30.00$100.00$7070%

Bag Garden Fundraiser

Our NEW Bag Garden Fundraiser is a terrific way to raise money AND do it in the most earth friendly fashion possible. It's a great selection of herbs, vegetables, and flowers to attract pollinating insects. Available year round we offer high profit potential , free brochures and order forms, and you can qualify for free shipping.

What You Should Know

Our Bag Garden Fundraisers are like candle fundraisers. Your profit percentage is not affected by the number of orders you take. You get 50% profit or half the selling price for every item you sell. That means smaller groups make the same profits for selling bag gardens as larger groups. If you sell less than 150 bag garden items, though, there is a $65 shipping fee which will affect your total profit. Orders of 150 or more bag garden orders will qualify you for free shipping.

Profit and Cost:

  • No Upfront Cost
  • Free brochures for your participants
  • Free Shipping
  • Start in under a minute
Items Bought% ProfitFree Shipping
150 plus50%YES
1 to 14950%No

$10 Frozen Cookie Dough Tub Fundraiser

Frozen cookie dough is one of the best selling fundraising products. Everyone loves freshly baked cookies. This is our best selling cookie dough program because of the retail selling price. You will sell 2 pounds tubs of dough for only $10 each. Shipping is free unless you are in an extreme remote area. And there's no cost to get started.

What You Should Know

There is no money needed upfront for this cookie dough fundraiser. We provide free brochures, order forms and cash collection envelops. You will pay us after you sell your $10 tubs of Frozen Fundraising Cookie Dough and are placing your order. Then you can use the money you collected to pay for your order. When you place your order, Easy Fundraising Ideas will calculate the cost of your order based on the profit percentage you earned. You will pay us that amount of money and keep your profit.

Profit and Cost:

  • No Upfront Cost
  • Free brochures for your participants
  • Free Shipping
  • Start in under a minute
Tubs BoughtCost Per TubSelling PriceYour Profit $Your Profit %
5000$4.50$10.00$27,500 +55%
1664$5.00$10.00$8,320 +50%
664$5.50$10.00$2,988 +45%
336$6.00$10.00$1344 +40%
200$7.00$10.00$600 +30%
120 min.$7.50$10.00$300 +25%

Money Savings Card Fundraising

Our apologies but the Money Saving Card is no longer available. Please check out these great alternatives! Pizza Discount Cards Sub Sandwich Discount Cards Dinner and a Movie Discount Cards

What You Should Know

Profit and Cost:

  • In Hand Products
  • Free Shipping
  • Start in under a minute
Cards BoughtCost Per CardProfit %
25 min$5.0050%


Smencils scented pencils made from recycled newspapers are perfect for schools. Each scented pencil sells for $1 and are shipped in cases containing 10 buckets with 50 Smencils in each. Smencils are available in two varieties. Regular Black Lead as well as assorted fun colors. Best of all shipping is FREE!

What You Should Know

Profits on Smencils are extremely easy to calculate since you are buying them by the case. You will make 40% profit on every sale which means you will make $200 profit for each case you sell. The retail price for Smencils is $1.00 so you make $0.40 profit on every Smencil sold.

Profit and Cost:

  • In Hand Products
  • Free Shipping
  • Start in under a minute
Cases BoughtCost Per CaseProfit %
1 min$300.0040%

Main Street Sweet Shop the Ultimate Candy Fundraiser

The Main Street Sweet Shop has reinvigorated candy fundraising. People are excited about the fun new products, they love the 1 case minimum, they appreciate the free shipping and they really love the high profit percentages. Everyone loves gummy bears and sour gummies!

What You Should Know

You will receive 2 carriers per case. There are 13 bags of each fantastic flavor! Original Sour Jacks Buddy Bears Gummi Bears Nuclear Sqworms Sour Jacks Watermelon

Profit and Cost:

  • In Hand Products
  • Free Shipping
  • Start in under a minute
Cases Bought % Profit Cost Per Case
60+ 65% $72.80
40 - 59 60% $83.20
20 - 39 55% $93.60
1 - 19 50% $104.00

Coffee and Tea

You might consider selling coffee and tea to raise money. Coffee has been very successful for many types of groups. Your group would sell 10 oz bags of freshly ground coffee for $10 each. There are seven great flavors along with an old fashion gift coffee tin. Coffee sales work best in the fall and winter.

What You Should Know

Tea and Coffee fundraisers are very similar to candle fundraisers. You will make a specific profit percentage on every item you sell. For tea and coffee fundraisers you make 40% profit on every item or $4 each. If you sell less than 150 bags, though, there is a $65 shipping fee which will affect your total profit. Orders of 150 or more bags of coffee or tea will qualify you for free shipping.

Profit and Cost:

  • No Upfront Cost
  • Free brochures for your participants
  • Free Shipping
  • Start in under a minute
Items Bought% ProfitFree Shipping
150 plus40%YES
1 to 14940%No

Flower Bulb Fundraising

We have Flower Bulb programs specifically for fall and another for spring so you can hold a flower fundraiser any time of year. Flower fundraisers are practical and ecologically sensitive. We offer a great selection of bulbs, a high profit potential, free brochures and order forms and the ability to qualify for free shipping.

What You Should Know

Fundraising Flower Bulbs are like candle fundraisers. Your profit percentage is not affected by the number of orders you take. You get 50% profit or half the selling price for every item you sell. That means smaller groups make the same profits for selling flowers as larger groups. If you sell less than 150 fundraising flower bulbs, though, there is a $65 shipping fee which will affect your total profit. Orders of 150 or more flower bulb orders will qualify you for free shipping.

Profit and Cost:

  • No Upfront Cost
  • Free brochures for your participants
  • Free Shipping
  • Start in under a minute
Items Bought% ProfitFree Shipping
150 plus50%YES
1 to 14950%No

Peanut FREE $1 Chocolate Bars

Original One Dollar Bars are PEANUT FREE and the largest fundraiser candy bars. Besides being the largest candy bar the One Dollar Bars are only sold through fundraising and are not sold in discount retail stores or vending machines at discounted prices. With only a one case minimum, this chocolate fund raising product is perfect for small groups.

What You Should Know

Candy fundraising profits are determined based on the number of cases of candy that you sell. The more cases you purchase the lower your cost per case. Below you can take a look at profit charts for each of the two available variety packs:

Profit and Cost:

  • In Hand Products
  • Free Shipping
  • Start in under a minute
Cases Bought% ProfitCost Per Case
100 or more50%$120.00
50 - 99 48%$124.80
25 - 49 45%$132.00
11 - 2443%$136.80
1 min40%$144.00

Band fundraisers are about as common as musical instruments.

I mean it seems like bands are constantly raising money. Just ask a band mom or someone who knows a band family. See if they won't admit to hiding when they see their band friends knocking on their door.

What Are the Most Popular Band Fundraising Ideas Right Now?

Most Popular

1. Band Scratch Cards

Our band fundraiser scratch cards are among our top sellers since bands are always looking for easy ways to make as much money as possible. This is just about the highest profit band fundraiser around.

Each member of the band is given a scratch card containing 50 concealed dots. Members get people to scratch off any 2 dots and donate the revealed amount of money. In return the donor is given a sheet of valuable coupons to national merchants worth more than $100.

Scratch cards offer some of the highest possible profit percentages.

2. Snackin in the USA

Choose from 31 mouth watering treats all made from premium quality nuts and candies. The Snackin’ in the USA program costs absolutely nothing to get started. Simply let us know how many participants you have and we’ll send 1 order-taker for each of them, at no charge.

3. Magic Melts Wickless Candles

The newest addition to our candle fundraisers. Magic Melts are highly scented wickless wax bars that you melt in candle warmers. There’s no cost to start this fundraiser. Make 50% profit. You can even qualify for free shipping.


You can stop the madness though. There is a better way.

So before you start writing down all the band fundraising ideas you like I would suggest you take a couple of minutes and read the following 3 things that will help you be more productive with few band fundraisers.

3 Things to Think About

Item #1: Review Your Past Band Fundraisers

One of the ladies in our office is a band mom. So that gives us an interesting opportunity to learn all about band fundraising from a parent's perspective as well as from a fundraising company's perspective.

One of the things we notice is that she tells us about a new fundraiser virtually every single week.

As a fundraising consultant she knows better than that. Once you inundate people with fundraisers your band members, their families and their potential customers will sour on the whole deal quickly.

So before the season starts review the fundraisers the band has held the last year or two and start eliminating all the marginal ones. Toss the ones that just didn't raise much money or you heard the most grumbling about.

Reduce the list to the ones that worked well.

Item #2: Audit Your Fundraising Methodology

If you find that the list of marginal fundraisers dwarf the list of successful ones it's time to do a solid audit of how you run your fundraisers.

Is it possible you don't put enough effort into one or two fundraisers and that forces your band into a ridiculous number of fundraisers?

Are you game planning with your band members on how to maximize the results of one or two fundraisers? Do they know exactly how much the band is trying to raise? Are members directly benefitting from the money raised?


A quick audit of every aspect of your prior fundraising will be very eye opening.

Question things like:

1. How much money did we raise?

2. How does that compare with our goal for that particular fundraiser? Did you even have a goal?

3. Did you set personal goals for each member? How many people exceeded the goal?

4. Was the product warmly received by your customer base if you held a product fundraiser?

5. What, in hindsight, could you have done better?

The answers to those questions will help you perform much better next time.

Item #3: Choosing the Best Band Fundraising Ideas

Make Good Choices

Here are some great options to help you make the best fundraising decision:

Band Fundraising Scratch Cards: If you need to raise a lot of money and you really would rather not sell a product purchase a band scratch card for each band member. The cards are fun tools to run a donation campaign. Each card raises $100 once the 50 dots on the card are scratched off. Members get supporters to scratch off 2 dots and donate the revealed amount of money. The highest donation would be $6.The cards can cost as little as $10 and we even print the name of the band directly on your cards.Get more info...

Flower Bulb Fundraisers: So many bands start fundraising at the very beginning of the school year. That's the perfect time of year to start a fall flower bulb fundraiser. We will give each band member a brochure and order form. The program offers 24 different flower bulbs assortments that range in price from $6 up to $20 or more. There's something for everyone and something for every part of the country. The band makes 50% profit and it costs nothing to start. Click for more info...

Peanut Free Candy Bars: Candy is a great item for bands to sell to raise money. You can sell them during performances. You can sell them during practice. And you can send carriers of candy home with members to sell there. We always suggest our peanut free candy bars because of the growing concern over peanut allergies. There's only a 1 case minimum which is not usually a problem for bands. Shipping is free. Click for info...

More Information

We have put together a great selection of Marching Band Fundraising ideas. If your marching band needs to raise money we are confident you will find the perfect fundraiser in this section along with great resources to maximize your results.

The fact of the matter is that Band Fundraising ideas need to work well. There is no room for failure. Band fundraisers simply need to be successful so that the focus can be on music and not on money.

Running a band is expensive for both the band and its members. Bands, choirs and other music groups constantly need financial support to pay for musical programs, fund competitions and concerts, cover travel costs for band trips, and pay for instruments, uniforms and training tools.

Why Use Easy Fundraising Ideas?

Don't Settle for Less

We help thousands of groups raise millions of dollars every single. Many of those groups are school Marching bands and they have come to depend on us for proven Marching band fundraisers.

On this page you will all of the band fundraising resources you will need. At the top of the page we've identified 8 different product fundraisers that are tried and proven winners.

Although we offer the largest selection of product fundraising ideas anywhere we have identified different Marching band fundraisers that you might consider. We have included high profit fundraisers where you can make 90% or higher profits. We offers a wide selection of fundraisers that don't require any upfront money. We also offer lots of fundraisers with very small minimum order requirements for smaller groups.

Band Fundraising Tips

Helpful Tips

Let us share a few tips on motivating your members so you can have your best and most profitable band fundraiser ever.

Get everyone to commit to participating. A good way to do that is to let everyone have some input into how you raise the money. Iinvolve your members in the final selection of your fundraiser so that everyone is on board and excited about what you are doing.

Set goals for every member as well as the band as a group. And don't be afraid of setting a high bar. Band members know you need money and they will more often than meet your expectations so set realistic but aggressive sales goals.

Make sure everyone knows what the money is being raised for so they are more motivated to really push and get people to donate, buy and support your band fundraiser.

Band members understand the importance of team work so remind everyone that the entire band is depending on everyone to pull their weight.


What Our Customers Say:
Preformed Cookie Dough
Review Posted by: Sac County Bandit Baseball - (February 06 2017)

Teresa I got our shipment and I am very appreciative and thankful for how easy this was for our team to generate funds. Your service was top notch and sincerely appreciated. Bret

Magic Melts Wickless Candle Fundraiser
Review Posted by: Dora High School - (October 20 2016)

everything arrived a-ok...many thanks for another great fundraiser....we will do this again in the Spring.... Angela

Snackin in the USA
Review Posted by: Ashleigh - (March 09 2016)

Hi Lisa, I just wanted to say thanks for getting the items shipped out so quickly. The kids enjoyed this fundraiser. Everything was easy and I especially liked how quick you were to respond when there was a question. I look forward to booking another fundraiser with you next year! Thanks again, Ashleigh Berggren Special Education Teacher

Find Your Perfect Fundraising Idea on These Overview Pages

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