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Walk-a-thon Fundraising Events

The most common fundraiser event is probably a walk-a-thon. If you are holding this type of fundraising event we suggest you use the services at Choose-a-thon to help maximize results. Choose-a-thon offers online resources to handle the marketing and administrative functions of event fundraising. You create a website to promote your event. There is no upfront cost to use the service.

Papas Cookies

Cookie Dough Event Fundraisers

Create an event selling Papa’s Frozen Gourmet Cookie Dough. You will be offering more than a dozen great cookie dough flavors. You pre sell the dough using free order forms. You do not need to purchase flavors in full case quantities like other cookie dough lines and there is no need for upfront money. People love baking cookies as an event fundraiser!

Auntie Annes Pretzels

Auntie Anne Pretzels Event Fundraising

Whether you choose to pre sell Auntie Annes for an event pretzel fund raiser or you simply purchase the pretzel mix to cook pretzels you can sell, holding a pretzel eating event is sure to be a winner. Auntie Annes is one of the most trusted brand names. Take advantage of this opportunity and make the money you need selling pretzels.

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