School Fundraisers

School fundraising is a way of life for families with school age children. That’s why we spend so much time and energy offering school fundraising ideas on our website and in our print catalog.

But when you talk about school fundraising it is unfair to lump all school fund raisers into one stack. This section of our website will deal with the many different fundraisers for schools.

As you can see from the different categories below there are so many different school fundraiser groups that each requires its own section.

We invite you to find your type of group below and click on that section. You will be taken to a school fund raising page that will include our top three suggested fundraisers for your group. You will also find all of our school fundraising options on the menu on the left side of this page.


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My School Fundraiser - Where Do I Start?

If you are relatively new to fundraising, at least in a managing role, then you've very likely been asking yourself, "how do I get started on my school fundraiser?" What may have seemed like an easy task at first is actually a bit tricky during the organizational stages, and it's important that you get the basics right with your school fundraiser before you move on the more practical

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Searching For a School Fundraiser Company

Whether you are supporting a school sports team, arts-related club, or any other kind of extracurricular group, at some point it is likely you will be asked to organize a school fundraiser. Fundraisers are a fact of life for most clubs and groups these days, and with the costs of operating going up and funding going down, school fundraisers are more important than ever. Part of your fundraiser

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Gift Baskets for School Fundraisers

We had never heard of that option but a group recently told us about their experience doing just that. One of the student's mothers worked for an importer. She was the one that presented the idea to the school as a PTO fundraiser. She told the board that she could get them wholesale prices on gift items that they could use to create gift baskets to sell for their fundraiser. The board was very

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Best School Fundraisers Offer More Than Profits

The best school fundraisers not only give schools, parents, teachers and students the funds needed for equipment, books, playgrounds and events, but they bring together a community in the spirit of fun and sharing. In fact, the best school fundraisers can be used at any time of year and can even be matched with government programs to help increase the profits substantially. The past trends in

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The Best Time to Hold a Middle School Fundraiser

Holding a middle school fundraiser can be a great way to show support for your school. If the school?s funds are a little low and you need to raise money for some new school equipment or books, then hosting some kind of fundraising effort is a fun way to earn money while having your middle school students get involved in a positive cause. But before you get started in planning out your middle

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Holding Successful School Fundraisers

Sometimes it can a very stressful job to arrange successful school fundraisers, especially when you may be unclear about how to plan such an effort. You’ll need to go through budgeting issues, print out flyers and signs to put up around your school, get other teachers and students on board to rally together and promote the fundraiser, and you’ll also need to find products to sell for

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Themed Ideas for School Fundraisers

Sometimes original ideas for school fundraisers are hard to come by. Sure, you could go along with a regular bake sale or lemonade stall, but wouldn?t it be so much better to do something more fun and exciting? After all, it is the students who will be taking part, rallying together and earning money for your school. It is definitely worth organizing something fun for them to enjoy so that they

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Affordable High School Fundraisers

When you are thinking about raising money for your school, it's likely you will decide to plan a high school fundraiser at some point. High school fundraisers are a great way to make money for your department, especially when you are in need of some extra books or equipment that the school can?t afford. If you do it correctly, you won?t have to spend too much money either. There wouldn?t be much

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How to Have the Best School Fundraisers

When most people think about school fundraisers, they usually imagine a bake sale or selling chocolate in boxes to their friends and family. And there is good reason for this. The truth is, the resources that are needed to pull off the best school fundraisers haven’t changed over the years. Something that isn’t broken surely doesn’t need fixing, as the saying goes. It comes down

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Planning a School Fundraiser

Hosting a school fundraiser can be daunting work. It requires a lot of organization and time to pull off a truly successful event. Providing everything goes well, though, and you are able to reach your financial target, the payoff will be well worth your efforts. The first thing to consider about planning a school fundraiser is how much money you have to fund it in the first place. If your budget

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Find the TOP School Fundraisers Below. Click on Your School Fundraising Group.

Click on this section if you are looking for some great Band Fundraisers. We have a large selection of fundraisers that include profits in excess of 90%, others than don’t require any upfront money and still others geared towards smaller groups. You will find the perfect fundraising idea for your band here.

Booster Clubs are created to support teams and clubs. A large part of their purpose is to raise money. Click to this section if you want information on various Booster Club Fundraisers. We offer a great selection including high profit and no upfront money fundraisers.

Click to this section if you are looking for Catholic School Fundraiser ideas. You will find some programs that are specifically faith based and you will find suggestions that work well for any type of school. There are many options that cost absolutely nothing to get started.

There are lots of different class fundraisers to choose from. In this section you can compare some of our top suggestions. You will find an assortment of options that include very high profit class fundraisers and others that do not require any upfront money.

This is the area you will want to visit if you are looking for college fundraiser ideas. Since college fundraisers are held by so many different groups, most of which are typically small, this section addresses our suggestions for successful university fundraisers.

The time to introduce students to fundraising begins in daycare. That is why we offer so many different daycare fundraisers. In this section you will find some of our top suggestions along with articles about daycare fundraisers and how to maximize your results.

An elementary school fundraiser is typically one of largest school fundraisers held. Parents with children in this age group are usually very supportive of elementary school fundraisers. You will find a great selection of elementary school fund raising options that will work for schools of any size.

Unlike elementary school, high school fundraisers are done by smaller more diverse groups. There are so many different high school fundraising ideas but with the assortment of clubs and sports teams there needs to be. Our hope is that you will find the perfect high school fundraiser for your particular group in this section.

This is our section of library fundraiser ideas. Today libraries are so often hurt by budgetary restraints and limitations that fundraising ideas for a library have become that much more important. People are now even looking for public library fundraisers. You will find our top suggestions and ideas in this section.

Middle school fundraisers need to be a little more creative than other school ages. Although it is still a fundraiser for kids at this age students are less motivated and parents less involved. You will find a list of suggestions for middle school fundraisers in this section

Preschool fundraisers are when most families are introduced to the world of school fundraising. You need to be careful when choosing a fund raiser for preschool. You want an alternative that will be fun for the kids and embraced by the parents. This section offers some suggestions for fund raising for preschool.

Fundraising for private schools is not much different than public schools. The biggest difference may be that participation in a private school fund raiser may be required. In this section you will find three suggestions to consider for private school fund raising along with other helpful ideas.

Combining a fundraiser and prom dresses has become much more common now that the price of prom dresses has gone up so much. In this section you will find prom fundraisers that an entire grade level can do and other prom fundraisers than an individual needing to raise money to attend the prom can do.

PTA’s are very active and need to raise a lot of money every year. In this section we provide our list of suggested PTA fundraisers. You will find a surprising assortment of fundraisers that are sure to raise the money your PTA needs.

This section highlights our top suggestions for PTO fundraisers. We are confident you will find PTO fundraisers that will work well for your organization no mattter how much money you need to raise or when you need to raise it.

Spirit fundraisers can be held by many groups within a school. Interestingly they come in many different shapes and sizes. In this section we explore some of the different school spirit fundraiser ideas along with some information on how to make the most of your spirit fundraiser.

Another area sometime not associated with school fundraising is the need for student alumni association fundraising. This particular groups has some unique needs that are addressed in this section including the ability to hold a fundraiser simultaneously in different parts of the country.

Let us help you choose the best University Fundraiser. Just browse through this section. We have selected a great variety of university fundraisers that should meet the needs of any university fundraising group no matter what size or how much money is being raised.

This section was designed to help you choose the best varsity fundraiser for your group. We have included a wide assortment of programs. There are some that offer more than 90% profit. There are some that cost nothing to start. There are some for every sized group to make your choice easy.

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