Miscellaneous Fundraising

The fundraising industry is rapidly growing and evolving as technology changes being about new opportunities and people continue to look for different fundraising events ideas to replace the old ones.

Below you will find information on some of the areas of fundraising that are either new or different than your typical product fundraising programs. We invite you to explore these options as possibilities for your group. But we remind you that product fundraising as found throughout our website has many tried and proven programs to consider.


Miscellaneous Fundraising Ideas!


Donation Fundraiser

Are you tired of selling fundraising products but still need to raise money? You should consider our new Donation Fundraiser. Our free tools will help you raise the money you need. Now everyone you know can support your fundraiser.

Fundraiser Events

Event fundraising can be fun and different. The number of different fundraising events you can consider is virtually limitless. A lot of them could be considered imaginative fund raising events. This section will discuss fundraising events ideas and how to best maximize results.

20 Walk-A-Thon Fundraiser Ideas

Here are some tips to make your Walk-A-Thon Fundraiser a success event: Pick a day of the week when the largest number of walkers can participate. Choose a fun place to hold your walk-a-thon event. Consider parks or other places of attraction that draws a large number of people. Set a specific goal for the walkers to accomplish such as 10 laps or 5 miles. Make sure everyone knows

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Best Fundraising Events in New York

Maybe it is because New York is such a populated city or such a diverse state, but we are asked quite often "What kind of fundraising events work best in New York?" Suggested New York Fundraisers When you think of the state of New York, or New York City you kind of figure that everything you could ever want is available at the local stores. And quite possibly from a store no further

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