The Business

Easy Fundraising Ideas LogoEasy Fundraising Ideas was established in 2000 by Howard Gottlieb in a spare room in his home. Howard had started and successfully built four other businesses in industries ranging from aerospace, restaurant equipment and retail before taking on fundraising.

After researching the fundraising industry he realized that very few companies offered much online help to groups needing to hold fundraisers. He learned that finding fundraising companies was limited to word of mouth or looking through yellow pages of local phone books. The fact was that only the largest fundraising groups were called upon by outside, high pressure, commissioned sales people. The vast majority of fundraising groups simply had to fend for themselves.

People, he realized, were going to the internet more and more to get the information they needed on fundraising. Late in 2000 he launched the first version of the Easy Fundraising Ideas website. Two major facelifts were performed over the next three years before the site you see was launched in 2006.

The new site has grown tremendously with more content on specific fundraising products and information of different fundraising programs. It offers more and more articles not only on fundraising specific topics but also on topics that effect fundraising groups. Over the next couple of years we estimate the site could contain hundreds of thousands of relevant articles that offer information and help to the demographic groups that are most likely to require fundraising.

As we continue to develop our website we will be adding blogs for the most up to date fundraising information, continue to offer the most tried and proven fundraising products and programs, add audio/visual tools to help in your decision making process and build the most complete fundraising website in the world.

The Team

Howard Gottlieb Howard Gottlieb is President of Easy Fundraising Ideas. He started the company in 2000 as a local distributor helping fundraising customers in the northeastern portion of Texas. Recognizing the huge potential of fundraising nationally, Howard brought on board a technical staff to create a website that would offer state of the art fundraising throughout the United States. Having now launched the 4.0 Version of the Easy Fundraising Ideas website, we have become the fastest growing internet based fundraising company in the country. His hope is to offer every one considering fundraisers all the information they need to navigate the world of fundraising and make the wisest choices for their group.

Shawn Nicolle Shawn is a key member of the Easy Fundraising Ideas sales staff. Shawn feels very privileged to be able to incorporate what he has learned in his career in the articles he writes. He has been working with individuals in different capacities for years. From over five years retail/management experience to another six years in sales, including over a year of that in the fundraising industry, he has been able to gain a tremendous amount of knowledge in what it takes to hold a successful fundraiser. Many people are searching for information on the Internet that will help them in their quest for ways to raise money. By giving them truthful knowledge that will help them decide on what fundraiser is best for them, he feels he is continuing in his career of helping others.

Picture Unavailable Leslie is a full time student pursuing a degree in marketing. Leslie has a great love for working with children. Her passion for children makes her a great contributor of articles pertaining to day care and preschool along with other age pertinent topics she happily researches for us. Leslie was very competitive in sports, especially swimming where she swam the 500 and 200 meter races. We also feel fortunate to have her insight on many sports related fundraising topics after her family spent years in the prime fundraising age groups. In addition she likes to contribute articles that effect families with children that participate in extracurricular activities such as scouting, sports and faith-based groups.

Kari Kari has been involved in the fundraising industry in sales, customer service and even owned her own fundraising company before joining the staff at Easy Fundraising Ideas. She has one elementary school aged daughter and served as fundraising chair for the PTA at that elementary school. She also has a pre school aged son. These qualifications give Kari a special insight into issues relating to fundraising and groups that would typically be involved with fundraisers. You will find Kari's contributions throughout our website.

Daniel Daniel was the second person to join the Easy Fundraising Ideas staff. He has worked on developing many of the fundraising programs now found on our website. Daniel is a part time college student studying accounting and business management. He played high school tennis and participated in most youth sports. He offers us his insights into areas in which he has experience both as a participant and as a fundraising specialist helping youth sports groups with their fundraising needs.

Daniel Jordan graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Business Management. He currently does work for a major international computer company. Jordan played competitive soccer and high school football. He was also active in many clubs in high school and college. He shares some of his experience as a contributor in many areas of our website. We count on him for insight into college and university age groups along with many different age levels participating in sports.

Picture Unavailable Carol is a mother of two daughters. She and her husband have been very involved with their daughter's swimming programs, as well as active in PTO, church activities and volunteer programs. Carol has a passion about education and has worked many years in the education field as both a teacher and an administrator at a large university. She understands the demands on parents as they try to raise their children in an increasing complex world. She enjoys music, gardening, creating mosaic flower pots, reading and scrap booking. She has two degrees from Texas A&M University - one in Education and the other in Accounting. Gig'em Aggies!

Picture Unavailable Robert is a native Texan and the father of two daughters. Mr. Holmes holds an undergraduate degree from Texas Lutheran College and a Master's Degree from Texas A&M University. He has traveled extensively and had the opportunity to study while abroad. An avid reader, this is his first crack at writing for others and hopes someday to write the next great American Novel. His experience in city and town politics, as an elder in his church and in raising two sports minded daughters gives him great insight into many topics of interest to views of the Easy Fundraising Ideas website.