Church Fundraising Moves the Spirit

Elevate the Collection Plate

For many of us, being a part of a religious or spiritual group is part of the enjoyment of life. The support, love, and fellowship we receive from this community are why church group fundraising is so important. Since these non-profit organizations depend on donations as their sole income, sometimes churches need a boost in their financial blessings, This is where church fundraising events can be a godsend.

Journey of Faith Fundraising Candles:

Each candle comes with an inspirational scripture and is decorated to match that theme. The lovely scents and affordable prices are two reasons many congregations flock to this no upfront cost church fundraiser. Groups report excellent results within their churches and throughout their community.

Church Fundraising Scratch Cards

Church scratch cards are a fun way to get people to make donations to your church or youth group.  Supporters make donations based amounts revealed on the scratch cards then receive valuable coupons as thank you gifts. Each can raise $100, and you can buy as few as one card at a time.

The Best Selling Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Since we introduced our $10 tub program, it has been the unquestionable top performer. There’s no upfront cost, and the tubs are reasonably inexpensive. Plus, they make perfect treats for fellowship hour. $10 tubs are hands down the top cookie dough church fundraiser.

If buying a product to start a fundraiser is a concern for your church group, don’t worry. In that case, we suggest you go directly to the no upfront cost brochure fundraising section of our website. There you will find more than a dozen different fundraisers that cost nothing to get going. Members of your church use free brochures and order forms to pre-sell products with. We even have church-specific no upfront costs fundraisers like our highly relevant Journey of Faith Candle Fundraiser.

Our primary objective is to facilitate fundraisers that:

  1. Make money.
  2. Are as easy as possible to execute.
  3. Are fun for the participants.

We helped more than 10,000 groups last year alone, which gives us great insights into what other school groups are doing to raise money. The bottom line is we are on the fundraising front lines every day. We know what works.

Our day to day, hands-on experiences with groups like yours help us choose products and programs that will work for you too.  We are here to help you each step of the way. You can rest comfortably knowing we will be there to make sure you have the best church fundraising experience possible.

You do not need to be part of a church group to organize church fundraising events.  We provide fundraising products that can and are used by both individuals as well as groups. We have several programs that have no upfront costs, as well as low minimum purchase products, such as scratch-off cards.

When looking through products, make sure to check out the minimum order requirements that may affect your decision. However, the choice is yours!  We are confident any of our fundraising products will help you successfully raise to raise money, whether you are part of a small group, a large group, or you are raising money for yourself.

Top Church Fundraising Ideas by Group

Church Fundraising

Raise Money for Your Choir

If you are looking for possible choir fundraising ideas we can help. In fact, we help more choirs raise money each year. Regardless of their size or amount of money, they are looking to raise we have choir fundraisers that are tried and proven and can work for you too. On this page, we provide Read More »

Raising Funds for Christian Groups

Lots of different Christian groups find that their church or organization needs more money than it can afford so they start looking at different Christian fundraising ideas that might help. We help more Christian groups raise money each year and want to help you too. Whether you are an individual looking to raise money for Read More »

Catholic School

Catholic School Fundraising Ideas

Deciding on which fundraiser to do can be challenging.  A fun way to figure it out is to ask the students to help.  Find out what appeals to them with a writing assignment. Have the kids write an essay with the following words “catholic school fundraiser ideas”. You will know what your students like based Read More »

Catholic Church Youth Organization Fundraising

Have you volunteered to plan a Catholic Church youth organization fundraiser? We would like to help. Catholic fundraising does not need to be any different than any other type of church or school fundraising. We always suggest people look at fundraising options that have been tried and proven by other groups. It is great when you Read More »

Raising Money for a Mission Trip

Mission trip fundraising is very important to the ministry.  Some missionaries are fortunate enough to have the full support of their congregation to pay for their entire trip.  Not everyone is as fortunate and leaves them asking “who will fund missionaries?”  Most missionaries turn to fundraising for mission trips to help offset their costs of spreading the Read More »

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Looking at Church Fundraisers in a Different Way

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Church Scratch Cards

If you’ve been trying to think of church fundraisers that work, it’s likely that your top concern is how much profit you can make, and how quickly you can make it. There are many roads to the same destination, but if you’re looking for some church fundraising ideas that work, here are some great choices. Read More »

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Personalized church cookbook fundraising and custom fundraising cookbooks, in general, are a great way for your group to make the money it needs. It is not uncommon for churches, schools, civic organizations, and other large non-profits to report profits of a thousand to ten thousand dollars every time they hold a cookbook fundraiser. So, why Read More »

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Earth Candle Fundraiser

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Earth Candle Fundraiser

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Earth Candle Fundraiser

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$10 Frozen Cookie Dough Tub Fundraiser

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Earth Candle Fundraiser

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Magic Melts Wickless Candle Fundraiser

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$10 Frozen Cookie Dough Tub Fundraiser

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Flower Bulb Fundraising

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$10 Frozen Cookie Dough Tub Fundraiser

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$10 Frozen Cookie Dough Tub Fundraiser

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Journey of Faith Candle Fundraiser

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Flower Bulb Fundraising

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Earth Candle Fundraiser

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Earth Candle Fundraiser

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Heritage Fundraising Candles

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Preformed Cookie Dough

I got our shipment and I am very appreciative and thankful for how easy this was for our team to generate funds. Your service...

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$10 Frozen Cookie Dough Tub Fundraiser

Thank You! I was a little nervous, having never lead a fundraiser, it was so easy with your company! I hope to use you agai...

Author: Northeast R-IV High School

$10 Frozen Cookie Dough Tub Fundraiser

I just wanted to report that the cookie dough fundraiser has been a HUGE success! Everything was perfect and I am so pleased!...

Author: Class of 2020 Hickman, KY

Magic Melts Wickless Candle Fundraiser

Everything arrived a-ok...many thanks for another great fundraiser....we will do this again in the Spring.... Angela...

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Yummy Licks Round Lollipops

Thank you so much for the quick shipping. We sold out in only two days! The students had a blast and I would do it again. D...

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Snackin’ in the USA

I just wanted to say thanks for getting the items shipped out so quickly. The kids enjoyed this fundraiser. Everything was ea...

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$10 Frozen Cookie Dough Tub Fundraiser

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$10 Frozen Cookie Dough Tub Fundraiser

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Coffee and Tea

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Journey of Faith Candle Fundraiser

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Custom Discount Fundraising Cards

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$10 Frozen Cookie Dough Tub Fundraiser

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Yummy Licks Round Lollipops

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All Sport Scratch Cards

Everything looks great, we are a water polo club with some kids who cannot afford to pay for their dues so we think this is a...

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Earth Candle Fundraiser

The order arrived yesterday and it was perfect. Everything we ordered was there. The candles were beautiful and very fragrant...

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Journey of Faith Candle Fundraiser

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Earth Candle Fundraiser

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