Brochure Fundraisers - Learn How to Raise the Most Money

Written by Howard Gottlieb

If you're new to fundraising you have probably already discovered that you sometimes need to have money to raise money.

Luckily that's not always the case.

In this section we will discuss No Upfront Cost Fundraisers.

There are lots of fundraisers that offer great potential like discount cards, candy or lollipops but you need to have money to purchase those items before you can sell them.

We would like to spend a little time discussing 3 steps to maximizing your brochure fundraiser and how to get maximum results:

#1 Choosing the Best Product

Choose the Best Product

Depending on the time of year we offer 15 or more different brochure fundraisers.

So how do you choose the best one for your group? We suggest you consider the following questions. The answers might help point you in the right direction.

1. How many people are going to be participating in your fundraiser? Lots of programs have minimums so you want to make sure you feel like you have enough people to meet those minimums.

2. Is shipping free? If it is do you have to sell a certain amount of product to qualify? If the answer to that is yes then take #1 into consideration.

3. What is the profit margin? Does it change based on the number of units you sell?

4. Is the product members of your group are either knowledgable about or know enough to answer basic questions from your potential customers?

5. Can you handle delivery and distribution of the product when you place your order?

6. Do you need to order items by the case or can you purchase single items?

Armed with the answers to these questions you can then begin to see which products best match your needs. If you need help choosing you can always call our sales department at (866) 874-8383.

#2 Setting Goals for Your Group and Participants

Setting Goals

Hopefully you are not holding a fundraiser just for the sake of holding a fundraiser.

So we will assume there is a good reason you need to raise money for. Make sure you can clearly verbalize the purpose of the fundraiser to your members and define exactly how much money you absolutely need. We suggest you increase your actual needs by 25%. Share that higher number with your group and let them know you arrived at that group goal by taking into consider your actual financial needs plus a cushion to handle the unexpected.

Next divide out the group goal by the number of people selling. That will give you an individual goal for each member to raise. But don't just give them the dollar amount you need from them. Divide that amount by the profit you will make on each item so you can also tell them how many items you expect them to sell.

It is amazing how many groups never consider setting goals and sharing those goals. Then they wonder why they don't raise enough money.

The root cause of bad performance is usually the fact that your group members have no idea of what you expect of them personally. So set goals.

#3 Clearly Define the Purpose of the Fundraiser

Purpose for Fundraiser

Every fundraising group should read and memorize the above thought.

If you are raising money for something that will benefit your group members they will naturally work much harder to raise the money for you.

If you are raising money for something they either won't care about or aren't passionate about your results will reflect that.

The bottom line is that you should put some thought into what you are raising money for and create a presentation for your group showing them how they will directly benefit from the proposed purpose.

If you take the time to get your members on board your results will skyrocket.

No Upfront Cost Means No Risk

No Upfront Cost Fundraisers

With tighter and tighter budgets brochure fundraising has become more and more popular due to the fact that you can pay for the products you order after you have already collected the money. We send you everything you need to get started and it costs you nothing to get started.

At the top right side of this page you will find the best no up front cost products like Cookie Dough, Candles, Coffee and Flower BulbsSo, if you need to raise money but can't don't have money to purchase a product, you should start one of our brochure fundraisers. You can get started right away.

What you need to know

More Information on No Upfront Cost Fundraisers

When you choose a brochure fundraiser we send each member of your group a free brochure, order form and cash collection envelope that they use to show friends and family and they take orders. They collect their payment when they take orders and then everyone turns their orders in to the group so you can place a bulk order. You can then use the money collected to pay for your order. That means you don't need any money upfront to get started.

Brochures have been one of the very best ways to raise money. School groups have sold presell items for years. We have now expanded our different brochure fundraising programs so any type of group can take advantage of presell popularity.

We guarantee the highest profits on all brochure fundraisers. Many other fundraising companies have hidden fees. We explain all of your actual costs before you ever get started so there are no last minute surprises. In fact we are the only company that offers the potential to qualify for free shipping on all of our fundraisers!

Some companies advertise higher profits but you get the extra money only by selling a completely different product. In essence they offer higher profits only if you hold a second fundraiser. Do not be fooled.

Our No Upfront Cost Fundraisers:

$10 Cookie Dough
This has been our best selling cookie dough for the past 3 years

Snackin in the USA
Fantastic selection of snacks. Great selection of tasty choices.
Flowers and Bulbs
Flower Bulbs are easy to sell in both the spring and fall seasons.
Earth Candles
Our top performing candle line for three straight years.
Coffee and Tea
Offer your supporters the freshest coffee and tea available.
Trail Mix Healthy Snacks
Perfect for schools and groups that can't sell candy.
Journey of Faith Candles
The perfect candle line for churches and Christian groups.
Magic Melt Wax Bars
The top selling scented wax bars in the best scents.
Quote Candles
You'll love the inspirational sayings on our brand new candles.
Dry Mix Cookies
Great cookie dough option needing no refrigeration.
Gourmet Popcorn
Yummy delicious Popcorn.
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