Coffee and Tea
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  • 40% Profit and No Upfront Cost
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Coffee Fundraisers - Two Proven Coffee Fundraising Ideas

Coffee is one of the best selling products on the planet. If you have any doubt walk the streets of nearly any American city and see how many Starbucks you find. There are corners in NYC where people are packed into competing Starbucks across the street from each other buying their favorite coffee, espresso or cappuccino.

That's why coffee is one of the perfect fundraising ideas and the following two coffee fundraisers are proven profit makers:

Coffee and Tea

You might consider selling coffee and tea to raise money. Coffee has been very successful for many types of groups. Your group would sell 10 oz bags of freshly ground coffee for $10 each. There are seven great flavors along with an old fashion gift coffee tin. Coffee sales work best in the fall and winter.
Coffee and Tea

What You Should Know

Tea and Coffee fundraisers are very similar to candle fundraisers. You will make a specific profit percentage on every item you sell. For tea and coffee fundraisers you make 40% profit on every item or $4 each. If you sell less than 150 bags, though, there is a $65 shipping fee which will affect your total profit. Orders of 150 or more bags of coffee or tea will qualify you for free shipping.

Profit and Cost:

  • No Upfront Cost
  • Free brochures for your participants
  • Free Shipping
  • Start in under a minute
Items Bought % Profit Free Shipping
150 plus 40% YES
1 to 149 40% No

Coffee Backpacks

This is our newest coffee product. Instead of pre selling coffee you order backpacks filled with 52 $1 packets of assorted flavored coffee. Sellers keep the back packs as prizes. Each back pack comes with 52 packets of coffee. Each packet makes a full pot of coffee. You can purchase as little as one case of 9 back packs.
Coffee Backpacks

What You Should Know

Coffee fundraising profits are determined based on the number of cases of coffee that you sell. The more cases you purchase the lower your cost per case. Below you can take a look at profit chart:

Profit and Cost:

  • In Hand Products
  • Free Shipping
  • Start in under a minute
Cases Bought % Profit Cost Per Case
10 or more 48% $245.00
5 - 9 41% $279.00
2 - 4 36% $300.00
1 31% $325.00

Coffee Fundraising - An Opportunity Worth A Look

* Most American adults drink coffee so your market is huge

* Our coffee is roasted daily and flavored to order

* Our coffee and tea fundraiser costs nothing to start

* Our back pack program is a great alternative to selling candy

Below we will review the benefits and details of coffee fundraisers so you can choose the best program for your group.

Coffee Fundraisers - Sell Products People Already Buy

Coffee Fundraisers

Coffee is another great way for your group to raise the money it needs by selling a product that people purchase on a regular basis.

There are two types of coffee fundraisers. One consists of pre selling coffee using free brochures. We will provide each member of your group a brochure, order form and cash collection envelope. They use those sales materials to take orders and collect payment. At the end of your sale you collect the order forms and cash and then, after tallying the order, you place your bulk coffee order.

The other coffee fundraising program is a direct sale. This is our newest coffee program. You give each member of your group a backpack filled with 52 assorted bags of flavored coffee. They sell each bag for $1. A bag makes a pot of coffee. This program works very much like a candy fundraiser in that you have the product on hand and give it directly to the purchaser at the time of the sale.

No Upfront Cost Coffee Fundraiser

No Upfront Cost Coffee Fundraiser

We have offered a no upfront coffee fundraising brochure for about 10 years and other than a little tweaking here and there we have left it pretty much the same because it sells so well.

The coffee is roasted locally in Texas and than packed in vacumm sealed foil bags so it is as fresh as anything you can purchase anywhere. The flavor line up is outstanding favorites like Breakfast Blend, Mexican Decaf and a special House Blend. We added some fun flavored beans like Southern Pecan and Hazelnut.

Each bag sells for only $10 each and the coffee is pre ground.

Around 3 years ago we added 6 different tea selections that sell for $10 as well.

So if you want a no risk coffee fundraiser try this one. Click here for more information

Direct Sale Coffee Backpacks

Coffee Fundraising Backpack

Historically fundraising products that sell for $1 have been extremely easy to sell. So we were excited to put together a coffee fundraiser that includes $1 packets of 8 different flavors coffee that are stuffed into backpacks.

Each backpack comes with:

  • 10 packets of Colombian Coffee
  • 8 packets of French Vanilla Coffee
  • 8 packets of Hazelnut Coffee
  • 6 packets of French Roast Coffee
  • 6 packets of Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee
  • 5 packets of Chocolate Raspberry Coffee
  • 5 packets of Rainforest Nut Coffee
  • 4 packets of Decaf Coffee

This product is sold in cases that include 9 backpacks with 52 coffee packets in each. Click here for more details

Why Choose our Coffee Fundraising Programs?

More Information

Do not be fooled by companies that offer profits as high as 100% on coffee sales. Those outrageous profit claims are made by having you run a second concurrent fundraiser at the same time. Remember that you can only make 100% profit when there is no cost to what you are selling!

We have partnered with a roaster located in Texas. They roast their beans, grind them and then place them in Vacuum Sealed foil bags to insure freshness. We use this coffee ourselves and believe it is the freshest coffee available in the industry.

Try it yourself.

What Our Customers Say:
Coffee and Tea
Review Posted by: Philadelphia childrens program - (November 06 2013)

Thank you for the great fundraising experience. all items were delivered and handed out to our participants.

Coffee Fundraising Info
Review Posted by: - (

Kari thanks so much for all your help. We absolutely love your coffee. I think its better than Starbucks and I am one of Starbucks biggest fans. We will definitely do this fundraiser again next year.

Coffee Fundraising Info
Review Posted by: South Iron R1 School - (April 25 2013)

Tiffany, I got the replacement bag of coffee. Thank you for all of your help! The service has been wonderful. I will use your company again for fundraisers. Have a great day! Sandy

Coffee Backpacks
Review Posted by: Cathy - (December 18 2012)

Guess what? We got our coffee backpacks today! Thanks SO much for the expedited delivery. The kids are very excited, and, from the looks of today?s activity, we may be ordering some more in January. Again, greatest thanks!

Coffee and Tea
Review Posted by: Kinderwelt Preschool - (December 12 2012)

Thank you so much! I appreciate you keeping in touch like you said :) Cheryl so happy it will be here the 14th!

Coffee and Tea
Review Posted by: WHS Volleyball - (November 25 2012)

This has been one of the best and easiest fundraisers! All products are one single price,easy calculations..great customer service and accomadating. Besides that, the coffees and teas are wonderful..

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