Cookie Dough Mix Fundraiser
  • Cookie Mix Requires No Refrigeration
  • Lowest Minimum Cookie Dough Fundraiser
  • 1 Case Minimum - FREE Shipping
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Cookie Dough Mix Fundraiser

How many cookie dough fundraisers have no minimums, 50% profit and are free to start? That’s why our Delisheries Cookie Mix fundraiser is skyrocketing in popularity. You can even qualify for FREE shipping. And now we’ve added Brownies, Pretzels, and Cinnamon Rolls as well.

Product Review
ong>Review Posted by: Heather Lane - (2015-03-20)

"Thank you Teresa, your program is very easy to use and I will definitely be using it again!!"

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What You Should Know
Delisheries Cookie Mix is the only cookie dough fundraiser that offers 50% profit no matter how many units you sell. Shipping is FREE on orders of 150 items or more. We charge a fee of $65 for all orders less than 150 items.
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Profit and Cost
  • No Upfront Cost
  • Free brochures for your participants
  • Free Shipping
  • Start in under a minute
Items Bought% ProfitFree Shipping
150 plus50%YES
1 to 14950%No

Delisheries Fundraiser

We are so excited about our newest cookie fundraiser from Delisheries. It is absolutely perfect for small to medium schools, parent-teacher groups, sports leagues, churches and youth groups to raise money by offering great tasting products to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and other supporters.

Everyone loves freshly baked cookies! Why not offer our new dry cookie dough mix? And now we’ve added Brownies, Pretzels, and Cinnamon Rolls as well.

Not convinced? Let's talk about other reasons why this program works so well:

  1. Simple to prepare.  Just add eggs and butter.  Made from scratch taste.
  2. No minimum order requirements.
  3. Alternative lower fat instructions on packaging, to help with child obesity concerns.
  4. No Trans Fats, All-Natural ingredients, kosher certified
  5. Make 50% Profit on any size order!!!
  6. No upfront cost to get started. We provide everything you need free of charge.
  7. You can even qualify for FREE shipping.

Your group sells these items for $16 each. Made from the finest ingredients, we know your supporters will love the large selection of best-selling favorites. Remember, it is not frozen and there is NO minimum!

A dry cookie mix fund raiser can be either pre sell or direct fundraising sales. That means you can sell the cookie mix using free brochures and order forms we provide. We suggest you schedule a two-week selling period. At the end of the sale you tally together all the order forms and money and call us with your bulk cookie dough order. Or you can simply purchase the dry cookie dough mix and have the tubs on hand to give your customers whenever they pay you.



Delisheries Fundraisers offer the following benefits:

NO money upfront - Just like all of our frozen cookie dough fundraising lines, there is absolutely no cost to start your fundraiser. You order your FREE pre-sell brochures for each participant, take orders, then call in or fax your final order of needed amounts.
FREE Order Forms - We have recently updated our dry cookie dough fundraiser brochure to help drive even more sales. The brochures, order forms and cash collection envelopes are all provided to you at no cost. You lay out absolutely no money in advance to get your cookie dough mix fundraiser started.
FREE SHIPPING - We pay all shipping costs when you order 150 or units of dry cookie mix from Easy Fundraising Ideas. Many other fundraising companies have hidden fees like shipping costs. Shipping is absolutely free with our dry cookie dough mix fundraising program.
Available Any Time of Year - Although many groups sell frozen cookie dough all throughout the year there are absolutely no seasonal restrictions on when you can sell dry cookie dough mix. The product is stores at room temperature so the weather has no impact on when you can hold your fundraiser.

How Delisheries Cookie Fund Raising Works:

  1. Order free brochures for each member of your group.
  2. Have members of your group sell cookie mix to friends and family and collect payment.
  3. At the end of your sale gather the order forms and money and tally them all together.
  4. Place your bulk cookie mix order with us by phone or online.
  5. We ship the cookie dough to you, which you then distribute to your participants.
  6. Your group keeps the profit (you only pay the cost of the products)
  7. Click here for information on other cookie dough fundraisers.


How much do you pay to start a Delisheries Fundraiser?

There is no money needed upfront for this fundraiser. We provide free brochures, order forms and cash collection envelopes.

You will pay us after you sell your Cookie Dough Mix and are placing your order. Then you can use the money you collected to pay for your order. When you place your order, Easy Fundraising Ideas will calculate the cost of your order based on the profit percentage you earned. You will pay us that amount of money and keep your profit.


How do you place your final order?

When you sale is complete gather together all of the order forms and money from each group member. Tally all of the order forms together. Some people find it helpful to use a spreadsheet like Excel.

Once we receive your order we will enter it in our system and send you an invoice. After reviewing the invoice you can pay by calling with a Visa or Master Card or you can mail us a check or money order along with a copy of your invoice. We do accept purchase orders from public schools and will release orders upon receipt of a valid purchase order.


When will you get your Cookie Dough Mix?

You should allow 2 weeks for the factory to ship your cookie mix plus transit time. We do our best to expedite shipments but can not guarantee any shorter delivery time.